9 Best Beef Jerky Brands As Your Healthy Snacks

9 Best Beef Jerky Brands As Your Healthy Snacks

Field Trip Sweet & Spicy All-Natural Beef Jerky


Each one of these 2.2-ounce bags from New York-based brand Field Trip contains just the right amount (two servings) of sweet and spicy jerky for a hearty snack. And the heat level is mild enough for even little ones to handle.

True Jerky Korean BBQ Beef Jerky


San Diego-based brand True Jerky’s “The Sinsa” beef jerky is inspired by the flavors of classic Korean barbecue — think brown sugar, sesame, ginger, and chiles. The clever packaging even includes a spool of dental floss on the inside so you can keep your chompers in-check post-snack.

GoBacon Uncured Sriracha Bacon Jerky


You caught us: This is totally not made of beef. But how can you pass up a jerky made 100% from bacon? And even though you’re snacking on bacon, each bag is only 135 calories and contains nearly 8 grams of protein. The sriracha packs a serious amount of heat, so this flavor is not for the faint of heart!

Slantshack Maple Garlic Grass-Fed Beef Jerky


Real maple syrup from Vermont gives this beef its tangy sweetness. The grass-fed, hormone-free cows are also raised naturally at the Vermont Highland Cattle Company. Happy cows make us happy campers!

Country Archer Teriyaki Beef Jerky


Country Archer is another standout jerky brand with a clean and transparent ingredient list made without added preservatives, nitrates, or MSG. We’re obsessed with the Mango Habanero and Teriyaki flavors for road trips and hikes.

Brooklyn Biltong Zulu Peri Peri Seasoned Dried Beef

$17 for a pack of two

Air-dried slower than beef jerky without heat and usually made from thicker cuts of beef, biltong is a close cousin of beef jerky that offers a slightly meatier taste, a more tender texture, and comparable nutrition. This seasoned dried beef from Brooklyn Biltong tastes like a delicious hybrid between prosciutto and beef jerky in texture with a slight heat thanks to Portuguese-style hot sauce called peri-peri.

Chef’s Cut Real Steak Jerky


Slow-smoked, cut by hand, and marinated in straightforward ingredients like Worcestershire sauce, horseradish, soy sauce, and red pepper, Chef’s Cut Real Steak Jerky is buttery in texture and super flavorful with just a slight spicy kick.

Krave Pork Jerky Black Cherry Barbecue

$37 for a pack of eight

A tasty non-beef jerky option with a clean ingredient list, KRAVE Pork Jerky is made without nitrates, MSG, or other artificial ingredients. With 9 grams of protein per serving, we wholeheartedly recommend this savory and tart Black Cherry Barbecue flavor for snacking anytime.

The New Primal Free-Range Date and Rosemary Chicken Jerky

$45 for a pack of eight

Jerky is one of the most exciting areas to watch right now in the snack world, as brands continue to look to sustainably raised or plant-based jerky options, a cleaner ingredient list, and delicious new flavor combinations. The New Primal’s Free-Range Chicken Jerky is a prime example of this trend, and at 12 grams of lean protein per serving, their savory yet slightly sweet Date & Rosemary flavor slays.

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