Bella Hadid Is Rocking The No-Brush Wave Look And We're Here For It

Bella Hadid Is Rocking The No-Brush Wave Look And We're Here For It

I've always been kinda jealous of girls who can roll out of bed with naturally flawless, beachy waves. It seems like Bella Hadid has mastered that effortlessly undone style, at least based on her recent Instagram photos.

In the photos she shared, Bella was showing off her hair as it blew naturally in the wind. Her strands had a really nice texture to them and didn't look over-styled or rigid at all. It truly appeared that she'd just spent a relaxing day at the beach, letting her hair do its own thing in the ocean breeze without worrying too much about how it looked. Her tresses had such a lived-in, casual vibe - like she was truly carefree and enjoying herself in the moment instead of stressing over her appearance. It all came together for a really cool, beachy aesthetic that I couldn't help but admire. You could almost picture Bella happily playing in the waves with that effortless hair flowing all around her sun-kissed face. It seemed like a perfect representation of just jumping in and going with the flow.

Of course, achieving that perfect "I just rolled out of bed like this" tousled look probably takes some finessing behind the scenes. In the caption, Bella gave a shout out to her new fragrance brand Orebella, which had a big launch. It was clear from her words that she's really happy and focusing on things that bring her joy these days.

After stepping back from modeling full-time last year, Bella's been prioritizing self-care while dealing with chronic Lyme disease. It's obviously not been an easy road, but she seems brighter and calmer now spending quality time with her boyfriend.

I was kinda envious of Bella's effortless, free-flowing waves until I remembered how much work usually goes into taming my frizzy mess every morning! But embracing a more natural, brushed-out style could be worth a shot this summer. It looks breezy and relaxed.

Between her positive spirit and this easygoing hair trend, Bella appears to be glowing more than ever. Her carefree photos are inspiring me to go a little easier on myself and embrace a less structured look on beach days ahead.

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