Top 9 Benefits Of Limestone Tiles And Pavers For Your Floors

Top 9 Benefits Of Limestone Tiles And Pavers For Your Floors

If you’re looking to add timeless style and sophistication to your space, consider limestone tiles and pavers for your floors.

Formed deep within the ocean, this beautiful natural stone is made from a combination of sedimentary rock and calcium carbonate.

From the Great Pyramid of Giza to The Pentagon in the USA, many iconic structures have been constructed using limestone, and you can bring the incredible features of limestone straight to your home.

Read on for the top 9 benefits of limestone flooring for your property.

1. Durability:

Limestone is formed in high-pressure underwater environments, and this affords it excellent durability. Your new limestone tiles or pavers will last for years to come, but they will also be soft underfoot for added comfort.

Limestone will require some care, and you should seal your limestone floors to ensure they are as long-lasting and hard-wearing as possible. Once you have taken these steps, you will have a quality floor that you will love walking on and looking at for years to come.

2. Affordability:

Natural stone surfaces are expensive when compared to artificial options. Whether you’re using them for your floors, walls, or benchtops, you should expect to pay more for natural stone.

When comparing your options, you will find that limestone is one of the most affordable natural stone options out there. If you want the beauty and strength of natural stone without having to pay a premium, choose limestone tiles for your flooring.

3. Ideal for Indoor and Outdoor Environments:

When you think of natural stone floors, you probably picture a sprawling patio or a sophisticated outdoor feature wall. Limestone will thrive in these environments, offering strength and visual appeal.

As well as this, limestone tiles will also add elegance and style to indoor spaces. Create a grand entrance with limestone tiles in your hallway or choose an elevated yet earthy look for your bathroom with limestone.

Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, your new limestone surface is sure to impress!

4. Visually Appealing:

Like most natural stone surfaces, limestone is absolutely stunning to look at, and its visual elegance will last for years after installation!

Limestone strides the line between modern and traditional, meaning it can enhance your environment to match your style preferences. It is available in a range of colours and can also complement a variety of existing colour schemes.

If you want to add a natural, earthy, and grounded feel to your home while still exuding luxury, limestone is the material for you. Indoors or out, limestone will look the part and evoke a feeling of opulence.

5. A Wide Range of Shapes, Colours, Sizes, and Styles!

We could go on for hours about the visual appeal of limestone, but of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Fortunately for you, limestone comes in a range of varieties, meaning you can personalise its beauty to match your needs.

As well as its signature white and cream tones, you can find limestone in other earthy colours including greens, greys, and browns. Finishes include honed and glossy looks, and you can vary the shape and size of your limestone by choosing from a range of limestone tiles, pavers, slabs, and other arrangements.

6. A Timeless Natural Stone:

Remember when double denim or flared trousers were all the rage? Trends will come and go again and again, but natural stone surfaces will never go out of style!

Limestone has been used since before the time of the pyramids, with limestone floors dating back as far as 7000 BCE!

Today, natural stone offers elegance in modern and traditional settings, and you can be sure that limestone will remain beloved for many years to come.

7. A Value-Adding Flooring Option:

When buyers see artificial floors, they see a cheap, short-term option that has probably been installed just to sell a property.

When they see natural floors such as limestone tiles, they see timeless beauty, lasting durability, and relatively easy maintenance.

Limestone flooring is an investment, and it will add value to your property in the long term. From an eye-catching first impression to a sterling reputation, limestone is a gift that keeps on giving.

8. Environmentally Friendly:

The environmental credentials of building materials are becoming more and more important. Luckily, limestone is incredibly environmentally friendly.

Limestone is naturally occurring, and limestone tiles are not manufactured using chemicals or glues. Used or damaged limestone can be recycled and reused, and sourcing limestone is not damaging to the local ecosystem or wildlife.

9. Easy to Clean:

Limestone is not the strongest natural stone going around, but it does resist nasties like bacteria and mould. It doesn’t get too dirty with general use, so sweeping and mopping is generally all it needs. Damp mopping with water and an approved limestone cleaning product will usually do the job.

Limestone tiles can stain easily, so you should clean spills and remove stain-causing materials quickly to avoid discolouration.

Limestone Flooring – Other Things to Consider:

Sealing and Maintaining Your Limestone Floor-

Cleaning your limestone tiles is relatively easy, but maintenance takes a bit of extra work. You should seal your limestone surfaces immediately to give them an extra layer of protection. You need to avoid harsh and acidic cleaning chemicals as well as coarse cleaning materials.

As we said above, cleaning up spills and anything else that can lead to staining should be a top priority.

Not Preferred in High Traffic Areas-

Sealing your limestone tiles and treating them regularly will help to combat their naturally soft nature. However, even in these situations, it’s best to avoid heavy and high traffic settings, especially high-traffic commercial spaces.

Heavy and Difficult To Install-

Limestone tiles are heavy, and this makes precise installation a bit more complicated. To avoid damage during installation and to ensure a precise finish, you should always have limestone tiles professionally installed.

Comparison to Artificial Flooring Options-

If you're looking for the lowest priced option and you're not too concerned about natural beauty, an artificial option such as vinyl might be better for you. Artificial flooring cannot stand up to limestone in terms of beauty, versatility, eco-friendliness, longevity, or timeless design. However, if you have different priorities or a lower budget, an artificial floor is an alternative worth considering.

Next Steps: Get Started with Limestone Tiles and Pavers-

As you can see, there are many benefits to limestone tiles and pavers. While it’s not for everyone, a limestone floor will offer a range of exclusive advantages that will last for years with a little bit of TLC. If you love natural stone and you’re looking for one of the more affordable options for the inside or outside of your property, get started with limestone today!

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