Best Android Spyware TheWiSpy - Review 2020

Best Android Spyware TheWiSpy - Review 2020


The use of Android spy apps is increasing every day because people are getting aware of the potential security dangers outside that can harm their kids or businesses. Everyone now seeks the best of the best Android spyware to experience advanced cell phone monitoring.

If you are looking for a good mobile spy app, don’t worry as we have done the homework for you.

Today, we are going to review one of the most popular Android spyware TheWiSpy to reveal some of its best-selling mobile spying features. So. Let’s get started.

What is TheWiSpy Android Monitoring?


TheWiSpy Android spy allows you to spy on every online and offline activity of an Android smart device. With TheWiSpy, you can view all the digital activities of your target phone or tablet without having physical access to it. This Android spy app enables you to keep tabs on everything happening on the device of your loved ones or staff members.

Who Needs TheWiSpy Android Spyware?

Well, there are a lot of curious people out there who want to stay aware of the happenings of someone’s life. Among such, parents are always anxious regarding the security of their kids. On the contrary, apps to spy on Android devices have become a necessity for enterprises also. However, people use Android spyware to make sure that their teens or businesses are safe in the outside world.

What Android Monitoring Solutions TheWiSpy Offers?

TheWiSpy provides you with a complete packaged Android monitoring solution to help you with secret mobile spying.

Here is what you can do with TheWiSpy Android tracking app.

  • Secret Android Spying
  • Teen’s Monitoring
  • Control Your Child’s Device
  • Employee Surveillance
  • Android GPS Tracking

Secret Android Spying:

TheWiSpy enables you to spy on Android phones, tablets, etc. without any suspicion. You can remotely view all the digital activities of your target device without being noticed. TheWiSpy app functions under complete stealth mode. You can hide the app icon anytime you want to ensure secret Android spying.

Secret Android Spying:

Keeping track of teen activities is necessary because kids often get themselves into trouble out of curiosity. TheWiSpy offers a kid’s monitoring solution to keep worried parents posted about the whereabouts and other activities of their children. You can track your child, view social media activities, listen to phone call recordings, and many more with TheWiSpy kid’s monitoring.

Control Your Child’s Phone:

As a parent, you can now manage and control your kid’s Android phones and tablets without any hassle. TheWiSpy offers extensive parental controls to help you block and restrict inappropriate content from the devices of your children.

Employee Surveillance:

TheWiSpy business solution provides remote access to the work phones so that corporate management can see what their employees do on their mobile devices. With this app, employers can keep track of the digital activities of their staff members remotely and secretly. Enterprises around the globe prefer digital employee surveillance to track the performance of their resources.

Android GPS Tracking:

TheWiSpy enables you to track the Android devices of employees and teens. You can locate any Android phone remotely with TheWiSpy mobile tracker. Not only this, but you can also track your teen’s phone secretly and keep eyes on their real-time location. Android GPS tracking also helps you to locate your lost phone or tablet effortlessly.

TheWiSpy – Functionality & Features:

Being an Android spy app, TheWiSpy runs in the background of the target device. This Android monitor interacts with every installed app and records data from them. Once the app fetches digital information from the target device, TheWiSpy uploads all the data on the online dashboard from which you can access your target device easily. Once you install TheWiSpy on your target phone, all you need to do is to sign in to your account so that you can get access to all the data of your target device.

Now, allow us to mention what you can do with the advanced Android monitoring features of TheWiSpy app.

  • Listen to Call Recording
  • Read Text Messages
  • Monitor Call Logs History
  • Track GPS Location
  • Listen to Surround Recordings
  • Geofence Localities
  • Monitor Web Browsing History
  • Block Apps & Webs
  • Multimedia Spy
  • Listen to Voice Messages
  • Monitor Phone Contacts
  • Track Emails
  • Monitor Wi-Fi Logs

So, these are high-quality Android monitoring of TheWiSpy app.

But wait! There is a lot more to tell you about TheWiSpy Android spyware.

TheWiSpy Android Monitor – Pricing Plan:


For the convenience of customers, TheWiSpy offers multiple pricing packages within an affordable range.

·       TheWiSpy Basic Pricing Plan:

1-month subscription license = $29.99/month

3-months subscription license = $16.66/month ($49.99 per subscription)

6-months subscription license = $15.00/ month ($89.99 per subscription)

·       TheWiSpy Pro Pricing Plan:

1-month subscription license = $39.99/month

3-months subscription license = $23.33/month ($69.99 per subscription)

6-months subscription license = $16.66/month ($99.99 per subscription)

·       TheWiSpy Ultimate Pricing Plan:

1-month subscription license = $49.99/month 

3-months subscription license = $26.66/month ($79.99 per subscription)

6-months subscription license = $19.99/month ($119.99 per subscription)

TheWiSpy - Pros & Cons:

So, every software has some strong and weak sides. Here, we are going to see what pros and cons TheWiSpy has.


  • Advanced spying solution
  • High compatibility with Android
  • Easy installation
  • Highly secure
  • 24/7 support
  • 100% hidden spy solution


  • iOS monitoring is not as efficient as Android
  • The screenshot feature is in developing mode


Out of all the Android spying software available in the market, TheWiSpy is offering all the necessary features to monitor your target device. TheWiSpy enables you to spy on almost every Android device with an advanced mobile monitoring solution.

So, whenever you think to buy an Android tracker, we recommend you give TheWiSpy a try.

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