Best Beauty Treatments & Products For This Festive Season

Best Beauty Treatments & Products For This Festive Season

It's your right to look the prettiest and be all ready for the festivities. Partying by looking your best is something everyone wishes for and for that you need preparations. Along with choosing an outfit, it is important to focus on pampering treatments and makeup options.

Also, who doesn't like to be pampered? It is something we all look forward to all the time. Getting attention and all pepped up can lift your mood and refresh you to enjoy the fullest. It can be either nail art, spa, massage, or a boost of radiance to your skin, any beauty treatment like micro-needling can elevate your confidence.

Detox sessions

Jean Yip’s Beauty & Slimming R6 Custom Face and Body Detox sessions make you feel healthier and lighter at those festive parties. It is the perfect way to rid the body of water retention and toxins before the upcoming holidays.

Honey facials

It is a new addition to facials. Bespoke Honey Facial is ideal for those who travel around and are always on the go. Diminished and tired-looking skin is dramatically brightened and hydrated with this facial. As a result of the treatment, your skin is brightened, rejuvenated, and cleansed. This treatment also reduces visible unevenness in skin texture and tone.


With the latest range of Shiseido Professional Hair Care Treatment, you'll find a solution for all your hair concerns. Whether you suffer from scalp problems, damaged hair, thinning hair, or colored hair, there is a treatment for anything. Because hair is the most important physical trait and you want them to be perfect on the greatest eves of the year.


A new spa treatment in Spa Esprit is the Energy Worker, an oil-free massage that balances your energy flow using specialized handwork. It is something you need a partner for. Both of you will start off with an energy reading in order to find out what areas in your body need improvement. The massage will soothe your aches and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The experience is definitely unique and was intended to be shared with the person you wanted to entrust.

Brow wax and tint

Make your brows stand out this season with Benefit Cosmetic Brow Wax and Tint. Maintain your brows in a fuss-free manner for up to four weeks. In this service, your eyebrows are waxed into a shape that enhances your face. A specially formulated tint penetrates even the finest hairs, giving each brow a fuller appearance.


Christmas is the perfect time to add some cute nail art to your nails with Manicurious. There's something for everyone, whether you're looking for cute Christmas trees or vibrant nail paints.


With Strip’s limited edition Warm English Gingerbread Cookie Wax, you can enjoy a smooth, fuzz-free holiday. Gingerbread scent is used in this wax, which is designed to be delicate for use in Brazilian areas. Even stubborn hair is almost completely removed without pain with this wax.

Now, once you are all pampered and refreshed for the holidays, it is time to up your preparation game. 

Here is how:

Hydrate your skin with Minéral 89 Skin Fortifying Daily Booster

When it comes to being your most attractive during Christmas, it goes beyond wearing a ton of makeup and styling your hair perfectly. You need to plan well ahead. Drink plenty of water, reduce excessive alcohol consumption, and eat a healthy diet to avoid unwanted marks. Use hydrating serum from Mineral 89, it is formulated to refresh and hydrate your skin and protect it from harmful UV rays. 

Be experimental with L’Oreal 

Makeup looks for the holidays can be a little more over the top than usual. It's time to explore your glittery side and wear that vibrant eyeshadow you've always been afraid to wear. There's nothing formal about these holidays. It's a festive celebration. If you want to stand out, a bright red hue from a glossy lipstick collection or a dark matte from the matte lip color range would do the trick.

Hairdo with Byrdle 

It's not necessary to go crazy with your hairstyle for the holidays. Consider a less experimental hairstyle if you opt for an over-the-top makeup look. You can style your hair into a fishtail braid or a loose bun or choose any clip-in hair extension from Byrdle to add volume. The holidays mean being a little more relaxed and fun about your appearance.

Ardell Natural Lash

Make your lashes look fuller by wearing a pair of Ardell Lash Natural 1974. No need for those crazy, rhinestone-encrusted lashes with colors and shapes, keep it classy. Nothing beats the look of wide-eyed innocence in holiday photos. Every shot will be perfect.

DIY mani-pedi

Olive and June, The Everything Box is something you all wanna go with this holiday season. It is crucial to have impeccable manicures and pedicures for your hands and feet. And with easy DIY mani and Pedi, you can have classic colors that are effective eye-catchers rather than glittery glazes. Make sure your nails are dry the night before to avoid last-minute problems.

A nice dress from Boohoo

To uplift your complete look, a nice dress works like magic. Your dress must be complimenting your overall makeup, in fact, highlighting the neckline will be icing on the cake. Although the choice is totally subjective, Boohoo has an amazing collection with various designs at affordable rates. You will find something for yourself there.

That concludes your festive season shopping spree. After you have pampered yourself, chosen the best makeup and outfit, and taken good care of yourself. You are all ready to rock these holiday parties like a diva. 

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