10 Best Burgers In New York City

10 Best Burgers In New York City

New York City is known for its amazing food — including bagels, donuts, pizza, and burgers, aka the four most important food groups. Whether they’re stacked high with toppings or stuffed with flavor, we picked the best burgers in NYC that’ll leave you fully satisfied. All that matters is what’s between the buns, right?

Little Owl’s Bacon Cheeseburger

Location: Greenwich Village

The Bacon Cheeseburger on The Little Owl’s lunch menu is loaded with a juicy short rib and brisket, aged cheddar, maple-cured bacon, and a half-sour pickle from Guss’ Pickles, all stacked on a house-made bun that soaks in all the flavors. Serious Eats calls it one of the best in the city. You’ll also love the twice-cooked fries that come with it.

The “Original db Burger” at db Bistro Moderne

Location: Midtown, Manhattan

The db Burger is stuffed. Literally. It’s a sirloin burger filled with braised short ribs foie gras with black truffle, stacked high between Parmesan buns and served with fries. It’s a little bit on the pricier side, but worth every penny.

“The Cadillac” Burger at PJ Clarke’s

Location: Midtown East and Upper West Side, Manhattan 

Named by Nat King Cole himself, this burger with double-smoked country bacon, onion, American cheese, and buttered pickles is a classic. PJ Clarke’s has been around since 1884, and over the years, the menu has been updated, but the modern version of what Cole ate in 1958 still remains one of the city’s best burgers.

The “Emmy Burger” at Emily

Location: Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

One look at this juicy burger from Emily and you’ll be saying, “I’ll have that!” It’s dry-aged beef with warm cheddar cheese, onion, the special “Emmy sauce” — basically the best buffalo sauce ever — all served on a hot pretzel bun. Yum.

The “Black Label Burger” at Minetta Tavern

Location: Greenwich Village

Minetta Tavern has two different burgers on their menu: the Minetta Burger and the Black Label Burger. They’re both topped with caramelized onions, but the prime dry-aged beef cuts on the Black Label make it that much better.

The “Black Iron” at Black Iron Burger

Location: Midtown and East Village, Manhattan

The Black Iron from Black Iron Burger has a kick that’ll leave your tastebuds wanting more. The burger is made of all-natural, lifetime antibiotic-, steroid- and hormone-free beef that’s covered in a double horseradish cheddar. Piled on top are caramelized onions and their special horseradish mayo.

The “Kobe Burger” at Harry’s

Location: Financial District, Manhattan

The Gotham Burger Social Club gave Harry’s Kobe Burger their seal of approval, and you will too after you taste the bacon marmalade and melted Gruyere cheese that smothers the Kobe beef. To really give your taste buds the works, order the tempura onion rings and the French fries. You’ll be full when it’s all over, but also completely satisfied!

The “Bae Burger” at Burger Inc.

Location: West Village, Manhattan

You’ll have to request the Bae Burger at Burger Inc. It’s not on the menu, but the burger is stacked with tater tots, bacon, cheese, and a fried egg. As for the sides, Burger Inc.’s Dynamite Mac poppers — deep-fried mac and cheese balls — are a must.

The “Cheeseburger” at JG Melon

Location: Upper East Side, Manhattan

This burger certainly doesn’t look like it would be one of the best burgers in NYC, but just wait until you bite into it. JG Melon’s secret ingredients in the meat are what really packs in the flavor. It’s served with American cheese on a toasted bun and pickles and red onions on the side. Simple, yet so satisfying.

The “Bistro Burger” at The Corner Bistro

Location: West Village, Manhattan 

Skip the late night fast food. This dive-bar, open till 4 a.m. each night, is always packed with locals scarfing down their classic burgers. The Bistro Burger at the Corner Bistro is well worth the price. Between the buns are the eight-ounce patty, American cheese, lettuce, two strips of bacon, and onion. You’ll be wanting another one before you’re even finished.

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