Best Car Accessories That You Can’t Ignore

Best Car Accessories That You Can’t Ignore

Whether car interior lighting, GPS tracker, dashcam or driver assistance system for retrofitting - in this overview there are Best Accessories for the car perfect for men ! Pimping, equipping and furnishing the car is worth it - on average, we spend between 2.5 and 4 years of our lives in a car. Safety comes first, but optics shouldn't be neglected either, right?

Useful and cool car gadgets

The most technical gadgets to be found here are the perfect car accessories and are excellent for men - for example as a Christmas gift. We have summarized smart, useful, and cool electronic gadgets for you, but also listed gadgets without technology. In this Top 20, there is guaranteed something suitable for everyone that makes life as a driver easier and more fun.

The best car gadgets Deals for men


1. Inverter: Vehicle voltage converter

The charging of batteries on the go is now almost inevitable. The 300W voltage converter from Loftier is perfect for this because it can be used to convert the voltage from DC12V to up to AC230V. There is an EU socket, for example, to plug in the notebook. The inverter also has 2 USB ports and 2 cigarette lighters. A practical LED display shows voltage, temperature, USB output voltage, and USB charging current. Thanks to integrated multi-protection functions against overload, over-temperature, high voltage and low voltage, the current transformer offers high Security. 

2. Bluetooth hands-free

Telephoning at the wheel is prohibited and above all: it is dangerous! So if you don't have a hands-free system in your car, you should retrofit it, otherwise it can turn out badly. Hands-free systems are already available today for a small price - the Bluetooth hands-free system, for example, for around 30 Dollars. It is attached to the sun visor. As soon as a Bluetooth connection is established, the hands-free system is automatically ready for use; if the connection is disconnected, it switches to standby mode. The talk time is 8 hours, charging is possible with the supplied USB cable or the included one Car charging adapter possible. The voice control for calls is in English, however there is a German manual and the operation is very easy.

3. Driver assistance system

Driver assistance systems such as that from Mobil eye provide even more safety in the car. As a result, the driver is immediately made aware of dangers. The Mobil eye Driving Assistant costs around $ 600, but there are also 6 functions in one device: Lane Keeping Assist, distance warning, speed limit display, collision warning, traffic sign recognition and pedestrian & cyclist warning. In order to be able to recognize the position, the camera-based sensor is attached to the windscreen. The driver is shown the warnings on the Eye Watch display so that they can react. For professional installation is provided by the manufacturer free of charge throughout World. Although he is proud, it is ultimately about your own safety and that of others.

4. Pace Link - the electronic logbook

This technology gadget is a must-have for all frequent travelers, because keeping a logbook has never been easier. With the Pace Link logbook plug for approx. $ 120, you can record and send in (business) travel times including mileage without any "paperwork". In addition to recording the kilometers, the electronic logbook also has other practical functions. The find-my-car function, traffic monitoring, and gasoline cost tracking are further advantages. Installation in the car is also possible without great effort - in the long term, the connector therefore makes work easier.

5. GPS tracker for the car

The GPS tracker is available for around $ 38 - for localization and protection of the car. It can be attached anywhere in the car and provides the coordinates, speed, and a Google Maps link to determine the current position when queried via SMS. This gadget is particularly suitable for those who are tired of looking for a car or who are generally interested in anti-theft surveillance. All information is also available via a free app and therefore easily accessible on the go. The car GPS Tracker, a GPS and a GSM antenna, a microphone, a wiring harness and a relay are included in the order.

6. Interior lighting for the car

Auto LED strips for atmospheric light for cruising: cool, stylish and not even expensive at around $ 15. With the interior lighting there are 8 colours to choose from, which can be flexibly selected and varied in brightness using remote control: red, white, yellow, blue, pink, orange, purple and green. There is also a sound-activated function so that the light can also change automatically depending on the music beat. The LED strips themselves are narrow and can therefore hardly be seen in the car. They are waterproof and have an anti-collision protection. Conclusion: With this, every car can be tuned quickly and without high costs.

7. Dashcam and rearview camera in one

For about 130 $ there is a dashcam, a reversing camera for retrofitting. It is a touch screen rear-view mirror attachment with built-in functions, the resolution is 1080P. Movements in a 3 meter environment are recorded via the car camera, parking is facilitated via the reversing external camera with an auxiliary line. Thanks to the supplied bracket, the parking sensor can be easily attached to the license plate or the rear window without having to drill holes. An SD card not included for the recordings, but the size of the memory can be chosen. The manufacturer recommends an SD card with 64 GB storage space.

8. Head up display for retrofitting

Head-up Displays, also called HUDs, summarize your own speed, fuel consumption, engine speed, travel time, oil temperature and other practical information about driving a car on a display. In addition, an intelligent alarm system is integrated, which, for example, alerts the driver when the speed is too high and thus prompts or encourages them to drive more slowly. There are different screen modes for the different insights, which can be quickly recorded and adjusted.

9. Power bank jump starter

Many Online Products Providers provide for about 100 € a jump-start, a power bank and a flashlight - 3 in 1, so to speak. The jump starter weighs approx. 600 grams, is waterproof, dust and shockproof and has a USB connection, so that cell phones and Co. can also be charged on the go. In total, the Power bank jump starter has a capacity of 23800 mAh - even in the cold season, or when there is no tow truck far and wide, progress is no problem. An intelligent cable is included in the delivery, which protects against short circuit, overvoltage, overheating and deep discharge, reverse polarity and overcurrent. Thanks to the integrated flashlight, it is possible to send SOS signals at any time.

10. Bluetooth FM transmitter

The radio transmitter can play more than “just” music. It has two USB ports, so that the cell phone can be conveniently charged on the go. There is also an SD slot so that songs can also be played without Bluetooth. If an empty frequency is paired with the Bluetooth-enabled device, the gadget works like a familiar FM modulator. which even has a hands-free device. The transmitter is attached to the cigarette lighter, the operation is simple and the sound is good

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