Top 5 Best Clay Hair Product

Top 5 Best Clay Hair Product

Clay hair products are a relatively new classification for men’s styling products and these products can range from very thick to very creamy consistency. The one thing in common with all clay hair products is the fact that they actually contain a clay ingredient in their formulations. The most commonly used clay is bentonite, which is completely natural and usually forms from weathering of volcanic ash. It’s incredibly fine and powdery making it almost “velvety” to the touch, and can swell as much as 6x when contacting water. Below is Top 5 best clay hair product.

Krieger + Söhne Styling Clay

Krieger and Schone

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Warriors aren’t created in some lab, and the products you use shouldn’t be either. krieger + söhne Styling Clay is infused with Beeswax and paraben free, giving you the peace of mind every champion needs to get the job done. Rest assured, your style will not fall. Their strong hold Clay is not only lighter and more pleasing than some competitors, but smells like a man should!

Pete and Pedro Clay

Pete and Pedro by Aaron Marino

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Pete & Pedro Clay is one of those products you just have to try to believe, and by believe, we mean flip your sh*t over the non-greasy, volume add, no shine, and medium hold styling control it offers. Clay adds body and thickness that makes hair feel, well, fatter. The light, non-gritty formula absorbs quickly, making it the best product for men with thin or thinning hair, but is still great for thick hair too. Last, but definitely not least, Clay has a nice refreshing scent and washes out really easily. Paraben-free.

Mr Natty’s

Mr Natty's

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Mr Natty’s Clay Hair Preparation is just the ticket for gentlemen who favour a long-lasting, natural matt finish to their hair. This product has a slightly heavier texture to it and a pleasing, inviting scent. Some customers tell Mr Natty that it is often commented upon by the fairer sex. 

  • Provides a long-lasting, natural matte finish to men’s hair
  • Heavier texture than most pomades
  • Pleasing, inviting scent
  • From Great Britain’s Top Class Barber – Mr Natty

Baxter of California Clay Pomade

Baxter of California Clay

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Strong hold, matte finish pomade. This men’s hair wax separates, defines, and molds styles. Infused with natural ingredients such as clay and beeswax, the texturizing formula creates a strong, pliable hold without shine.

Smooth Viking Hair Clay

Smooth Viking

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  • All Day Style – Smooth Viking’s Clay contains ingredients for a strong hold your hair needs.
  • A matte finish that will help you in forming the perfect bedhead look
  • Smooth Vikings Men’s Hair Clay works by clinging to the strands and holding them together.
  • Our Clay offers more hold than other products, it can be used to tame even the most stubborn hairs.
  • Different from our Smooth Viking Pomade our Hairclay has a matte finish. That is perfectly unisex.

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