How To Choose The Best Courier Company?

How To Choose The Best Courier Company?

Logistics, or the method of transportation chosen for our online store is an important factor for online business. Choosing between the different courier agencies for an online store will be one of the most critical points when setting up our online store, since they are directly linked to the costs that we will charge our customers for a purchase, so the lower they are , better. But how can I find a good carrier?

Key aspects for the choice of parcel online store

The price of e-commerce messaging will vary depending on the product that we are going to send. Costs are usually established according to the weight of the product (low weight shipments are cheaper) or the fragility of it, so it is advisable to previously inform yourself of the guarantees offered by each courier company for online store and its cheap shipments. Before selecting, we must take into account 3 key aspects:

The destination of the shipments is another of the most relevant factors in online sales messaging. With you can configure the costs not only depending on the price or total weight of the cart but also depending on the area or destination. Find out if the company offers you cheap single-payment or different e-commerce shipments depending on the destination as you will all win. Buyers understand that there are costs in this regard but always seek rationality.

The type of service: It is not the same to hire an urgent transport company, as a company that offers a 72h service, therefore the type of service (or its quality) will directly affect the service you offer to your end customer.

Many of you may be wondering: which transport agency is the cheapest? Unfortunately, there is no exact answer, since each one specializes in a type of shipment or in a geographical area. In the following table we will give you information and opinions about the best-known courier companies in India and worldwide such as Bluedart, FedEx, DHL or DTDC. In this way you can compare between them to see which agencies have the best rates for your shipping needs. Although you should always keep in mind that, when you start to have orders in your online store, the rates will be personalized, and therefore lower.

In general, one can select any courier company with good reviews, but it is on your side to compare them in detail and try to get the best rate from them. In addition to these courier service, we can find many others since it is a sector with a lot of competition and which is booming. You can contact more carriers from their website or by calling the agency in question directly. Keep in mind that rates depend a lot on the number of sales your online business has. For companies with many shipments the discounts will be better than for those courier companies whose monthly shipments are smaller or are starting.

Courier companies: cheap search engines, comparators and special services

On the other hand, there are companies that work as search engines, comparators and special services of those carriers or courier companies for online stores that offer the best package shipping price. The way of functioning of these logistic agglutinates is very simple, since they agglutinate many clients, their volume of shipments is very high and therefore they can opt for cheaper rates than if you were alone.


With all these courier service companies mentioned above you already have a place to start. However, there are endless possibilities, so if you have a company with which you work and want to make your opinion or experience known to other users, whether for their prices, treatment or services offered, do not hesitate to provide it in the comments. It will be of great help to everyone.

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