Best Desk Calendars

Best Desk Calendars

The right way to start off every new year is by getting a calendar to mark and plan, keeping your life organized. Now, of course, you have a calendar on your phone and on your computer or laptop, but a desk calendar is always so much more efficient because it’s right in front of you so you can work your way through your busy schedule.

Now, some of you may be thinking that it does not really make a difference and you may feel that the only thing that matters is if it’s for the current year. Think of it this way, you’re buying one anyway, they all have the same material on them, so why not invest in one that is made in a style that is convenient for your use and one that is designed with images and fonts that you will enjoy looking at. After all, you’ll have to stare at the same thing all year long, might as well make it worth the while.

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Which type of calendar is right for me?

You want a calendar that is easy for you to place on your desk, the size of your liking. There are some with date boxes that have more space incase you want to write a reminder below the date. Then there are smaller ones for those who prefer to keep it minimal. If you’re a planner, you will need it more often as compared to someone who uses it to mark meetings and deadlines. The design depends on which style is easier for you to flip every month. Some prefer hanging calendars, while others like the ones on a stand. The best feature of a calendar, and I think we all agree, is the detailing!! All the fun is in the smallest of details - the different images, color combinations, fonts, personalized pictures, seasonal flower calendars, scenery calendars, holiday calendars, etc. You must admit, amusing calendars can lift your mood even on your grumpiest days.


Let’s look at some of the desk calendars for everyone.

  • GPP Desk Calendar -This is a calendar that is great for those who enjoy a pop of color and a funky piece of art for every month. The good thing about this calendar is that there is a lot of writing space, so you don’t need extra sticky notes or a note pad, all you need is available right here. There is space for noting down reminders, and daily tasks. At the bottom of each page, there is a mini version of the calendar of all the rest of the year so you can refer it that when figuring out a future date, rather than turning through the entire calendar. A vibrant, colorful touch to your workspace.

  • At-A-Glance Monthly Desk Pad Calendar -If you’re more for the simple and elegant style, this is a great desk pad calendar that comes in both blue and black, according to your liking. The date boxes are nice and neat and allow you space to pencil in your tasks and reminders. Not only does this calendar sit nicely on your desk, but it also has a hoop in case you prefer to hang it on the wall. If you want a clean, simple calendar, this is your style.

  • Busy B Desktop Calendar - This is one with a soft pink undertone on every page that just adds class to a simple calendar. It has a built-in stand so that you can easily place it in front of yourself and go through your tasks. The binding at the top rim helps flip through every month with a breeze. One of the best features of this calendar is that each page has a pocket that is great for holding letters, envelopes, or any other loose notes that tend to make your desk space cluttered.

  • Bloom Daily Planners Academic Year Desk/wall Calendar - This is one of the liveliest calendars, full of colors and bright hues. Just one look at any month on this calendar will fill you with joy. This calendar not only lifts your spirits by its colors but also has a motivational quote on every page that will surely boost you higher. A splendid feature is that each page has plenty of writing space for notes or reminders. This calendar is great for offices, teachers’ desks, and even students’ rooms, whether you want to place it on a desk or hang it up on a wall, this will brighten up your days (pun intended).

  • House of Doolittle Monthly Desk Pad Calendar -The best thing about this calendar is that it is made of recycled paper which makes it environmentally friendly. This calendar is a treat for friends of the Earth since the paper is not used to make this calendar. In fact, there are no trees harmed in the making. After the year is over, no worries about wasting an entire pile of paper and adding to the already existing pollution. This is just one of the very small ways in which you can do your part to make the world more eco-friendly.

  • Netmik Monthly Desk Pad Calendar - This is one of the most recommended calendars because of its large size and spacious boxes which makes it very clear and gives it a very simple yet chic look. There is a portion on each page where you can fill in your daily to-do list and every box has enough space for you to write down special events and meetings. Each page is cornered at the bottom edges to keep the pages in place (Don’t you just hate it when you switch on the fan and the calendar pages start to flow about in a pleasurable dance?). Anyhow, this calendar is a great choice for everyone.


Days go on to weeks, and weeks to months and the year flies by faster than you thought, make the best of your days by getting the best calendar to go in your workplace.

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