Best Dry Food For Dogs

Best Dry Food For Dogs

If you’re a pet parent of a dog or even several dogs, you take them as your children and want only the best for them (doesn’t every parent?). Dogs are the best companions and such lovable creatures to have in your home. With all their tail wags of joy and sloppy kisses, we know there’s one thing they love almost as much as their owner, and that’s food.

Dog owners are in a constant debate about the best food for their pawed-pals. There is so much to consider while getting dog food, first off, you want to get more dry dog food as compared to the wet food because it’s better for their teeth and bones.


What to consider when debating on dry dog food?

The priority is always health. We want to get the most nutritional food for pups. Something that keeps their gut healthy, their teeth strong and their coat shiny. The food should be suitable for him/her incase they are prone to stomach infections or diseases. Other factors include the variety of flavors the company has, because we don’t want to bore our buddy’s taste buds by feeding him the same flavored kibble all the time. Another important factor for any dog owner is the price and size of the dry food bags. No doubt, we thrive to give him the best of the best but people with bigger dogs or several dogs need to think economically as well, to make sure there is always enough food to go around, nobody wants a hungry puppy.

Dog parents really do put in the effort to find the best company of food for their furry friend. The least we can do, as fellow dog lovers, is to compile a list of the top-rated dry dog food in the market.

Here is a list of some of the best dry dog foods for your dog(s):

Wellness Complete Health  

This is one of the top rated, internationally known dry dog foods in the market. They have a vast variety of flavors, ranging over 14 different recipes. One of their most rated flavors is ‘deboned chicken and oatmeal’. The ingredients used by Wellness are all the perfect blend of nutrients. The key is that they have a 50/50 fat-to-protein ratio which is just what your dog needs in his diet.

Based on reviews by consumers, the food is suitable for all breeds and sizes of dogs and there have been no stomach issues as per several veterinarian examinations.

Instinct Original Grain-free dry


If you’re looking for a dry dog food with no-grain, meat-basedingredients, look no further. There is a selection of beef, chicken and fish to give dogs the best of all meat worlds. The meat recipes include beef, duck and rabbit. They have some of the best flavors and recipes. As per reviews, dogs of different breeds tend to adjust well to the formula with no allergic reactions.

Natures Logic


Here is a promising brand of dry dog food with a variety of flavors. Of course, based on grains(millet) with a mix of chicken/meat yeast culture and pumpkin seeds which are effective for easy digestion. Their fat-to-protein ratio is about 42%. This is a highly recommended brand by veterinarians and dog trainers. The thing that users love about this particular dry food is that it not only makes their dogs skin and coat shiny, but also helps to get rid of that certain greasy smell that some dogs have.

Taste of the wild


This high prairie grain-free recipe is best for puppies and small breeds; they also have recipes for bigger dogs according to their nutritional requirements. The most sought out recipe being their fresh buffalo – dogs tend to love it. This brand is highly recommended due to its balanced formula and affordable price. Since the formula is made according to a puppy’s requirements it makes sure pups suffering with diarrhea are relieved and have stable bowel movements in no time.

Blue buffalo life protection dry


Blue buffalo has a yummy kibble recipe for every breed of dog. They know that every type of dog has different nutritional needs. Some need extra care for their long shiny coats, while others have greasy skin, some dogs need more meat for their muscles, while others need to keep their teeth sharp. There is something for everyone (or every-dog) here. This is one of the most top rated among the list of dry dog foods.

Purina pro-plan focus


Sounds fancy right? A gourmet meal for his/her royal highness. The recipe is grain based, including rice, wheat, corn and barley. This dry dog food brand has a major focus on sensitive skin, stomach issues, weight management and shedding of hair. Pro-plan is mostly recommended by the vet for doggies that have difficulty in digestion. Now don’t let the fancy name fool you into thinking that it’ll be one of those unaffordable brands, it’squiteeasy on the wallet.



Orijen Original has a variety of about 8 recipes, best recommended for senior dogs for their nutritional needs. There are protein choices of chicken, turkey, and fish according to your dogs liking. Although it may not be the cheapest dog food in the aisle, it’s worth it for your old companion.

Diamond Naturals dry kibble


This one is a real treat for dog owners (No, you can’t eat it, we mean it’s a great choice for all breeds). They have recipes for puppies, small breed, large breed, seniors, long coat, short hair, you get the idea. The fat-to-protein ratio is about 78% and has all the nutritional benefits to fit your dog. Diamond Naturals has even been selected as one of the most affordable dog foods. It’s highly recommended and hard to compete with.

There is a brand fit for every dog. Know your dog and get to know his/her nutritional needs, go for the brand that suits them best. As dog parents, you should also keep in mind that a healthy diet make a healthy dog and your proper way of taking care of dogs makes them happy. 

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