Best Dry Herb Vaporizer Under $100

Best Dry Herb Vaporizer Under $100

Vaping is a newer and much healthier way of consuming dry herbs. Consumers are more aware of the benefits of vaping versus smoking. That’s the reason vaping devices are increasing in popularity. If you compare vaping and smoking, you can understand that vaping is a far healthier method of consuming dry herbs, especially cannabis.

A good quality dry herb vaporizer is designed to extract all the goodness out of the cannabis flower having to co must it, whereas smoking reaches temperatures in more than 600 degrees Fahrenheit? In this blog post, we will share some of the best dry vaporizers under $100. 

When we talk about the best quality dry herb vaporizer, we should consider important qualities like: Portability, temp ranges, chamber size, and of course pricing. Below, we will discuss the best vaporizer options for under $100.

Starry V3:

The Chinese manufacturer XMAX designed the third version of the dry herb vaporizer of the famous Starry. Now Starry V3 comes with some new and improved features, like improved vapor production, and an upgraded look that is sleeker and more stylish. The Starry V3 has great heating up quality, as it heats up in just 20 to 309 seconds.

V3 also provides a huge range of temperatures to choose from on the OLED display. A vaporizer with such a huge temperature range is quite uncommon, especially in this range of price. V3 is also very portable as it is perfectly adjusted in your pocket and very easy to conceal in a palm. Overall, it is one of the best dry herb vaporizers that can be had for under $100.

Planet of the Vapes ONE:

The ONE is pretty small and compact for a dry herb vaporizer, but that doesn’t mean it sacrifices in terms of power and range. The most amazing feature of the One is the lack of draw resistance. It is a very free-flowing vaporizer that and vaping connoisseur will appreciate, not to mention it is powerful enough for your bongs and bubblers. In addition, it is also great for micro-dosing through the POTV One dosing capsules.

This vaporizer has great features, including, Full temperature spectrum with an on vape display, isolated vapor path, durability, great warranty, and very powerful for its size. The most important thing is very low draw resistance. Honestly, it is the best dry herb vaporizer under $100 and has qualities that will appeal to any discerning buyer.

Utillian 620:

It is the most straightforward dry herb vaporizer. The body of the Utillian 620 is made from aluminum and has a glass mouthpiece. It has a simple 3 button interface that accompanies its LED display. Glass mouthpieces limit portability in some devices, but when we talk about Utillian 620, this is short enough to be still brought around without any worry, while this dry herb vaporizer is still doing its job of cooling vapor.

The most interesting feature of this dry herb vaporizer is the new Helix Heating system. It is the latest convection heating element that increases the heat intensity in the oven. Hot air moves through the spiral metal piece before it reaches the oven. As a result, the heat is evenly distributed, and you enjoy the very rich, flavorful, and aromatic vapor.

It takes almost 45 seconds to heat up, which is a bit longer as compared to other dry herb vaporizers, but the resulting vapor is well worth it, especially great for the vaporizer at this price. It also makes our list of the best dry herb vaporizers under $100.

Miqro Vaporizer:

It is the latest release of dry herb conduction vaporizer by Davinci Vaporizer. It is very small in size, but its features are pretty much everything that comes with the IQ. The Miqro has four smart path options that slowly increase the temperature over the session, have precise temperature options, and the pearl that works in this vaporizer.

The great quality features include a replaceable battery option, full temperature spectrum, two mouthpieces. The Miqro is the best free-flowing vaporizer under $100. You can take it along with you anywhere because it is portable, easy to use, and most importantly, you can easily load it. 


All these vaporizers mentioned above are the best dry herb vaporizers on the market for under $100. There are options on here that will appeal to a buyer, no matter what they desire most in a dry herb vaporizer. Simply make a list of what qualities you find most important, and compare the pros and cons of each vape listed above. For under $100, you might even be able to afford to test out more than one of these options.

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