5 Best Eyebrow Products Of 2019 That “Allure” Editors Swear By | Allure

5 Best Eyebrow Products Of 2019 That “Allure” Editors Swear By | Allure

Eyebrows are one of the primary focal points of your face. They act as arrows that frame, define, and draw attention to your eyes. So it is important to find an eyebrow product that fits your face. If you’re looking for the best brow products, we’ve listed down these 5 dummy-proof products that are very easy to use; you’ll be an expert in no time.

1.TatBrow™ Microblade Pen


Meet TatBrow – the 1 eyebrow pen on the market.TatBrow‘s high quality makeup fills in your eyebrows with natural-looking hair-like strokes that last up to 24 hours.TatBrow was created with a simple objective in mind – create a tool that easily applies hair-looking strokes. Our pen features a unique fork-like brush which is used to create precise hair-looking strokes.TatBrow has transformed over 500,000 eyebrows. TatBrow is great for thinning eyebrows, covering scars and unleashing the beauty of your brows.

2. Dipbrow Gel, £19, Anastasia Beverly Hills

Like the Dipbrow pomade, the gel has rich pigment (in 11 shades) with a strong hold, which can be brushed through brows with ease for extra fullness. Coming to Selfridges 8th March is Anastasia Beverly Hills first brow product launch in three years: Dipbrow Gel. Dipbrow Gel brings the perfect look to you.

3.Soapbrows Kit, £12, West Barn Co.

Soapbrows Kit create a lasting and dramatic effect for your eye.Simply slide your spoolie along the surface of the bar and then brush through your brows in an upwards and outwards motion.That’s why this product was becomed big hot products in 2018.

4.Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil, £29, Hourglass

The slanted tip of this pencil is ideal for creating hair-like strokes, particularly if you’re lacking fullness at the front or tail-end of your brows. If the price is putting you off, be rest assured it lasts for ages.

5.Brow Build, £19, Blink

Wraps around brow hairs, thickening them while giving a subtle tint and brushing them into shape at the same time.

There are countless different eyebrow powders, gels, waxes, and creams on the makeup market. This abundant selection can be overwhelming, but there’s no need to feel frustrated. Use this list to choose your perfect product from the best brow products that are currently available.

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