Best Furniture For A Small Apartment

Best Furniture For A Small Apartment


Small apartments are becoming increasingly popular in today’s society as people realize the value of micro spaces. From the cheaper cost of living to the smaller carbon footprint they leave behind.

If you can adapt to a more efficient living style, small apartment living can be beneficial. The most challenging part, though, is furnishing your home so that it’s both functional and stylish.

The little touches here and there on a furniture piece are what make or break them as apartment-friendly. Here are five of the best items to furnish your tiny home with — for any style!

If you're limited on space, it's time to get smarter about your furniture choices. Here are the top five furniture pieces you'll love having in your space.

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1. Storage Ottomans

One of the most underappreciated pieces of furniture is the storage ottoman. Everyone knows you need the basics, like a couch and bed, but adding this handy little item to your list is a brilliant idea. Instead of a coffee table, a storage ottoman that matches your furniture could be a better idea. Since it serves multiple purposes, it maximizes the space in your small apartment. An ottoman is possibly the most versatile piece of furniture you can have. When you need to prop your feet up, the ottoman is there. 

Extra company and not enough seats?  Pull out your ottoman. 

With so many rounds and angled varieties, you’ll easily find one that fits in anywhere you would have put a coffee table. Plus, ottomans come in many colors and designs to enhance the style of any room!

2. Drop Leaf and Hidden Tables

In your apartment, you might not have a lot of space in the dining room. Trying to squeeze a full-size, four-person average kitchen table in there can be challenging. Sure, the table might fit, but is there enough space for everyone to get in and out of their chairs? Can you walk through the room without bumping into furniture? Cramped dining rooms might make you decide you don’t need a table; the couch and a TV tray are just fine. But you don’t have to skip out on a table entirely. Just get one that has a drop leaf or that you can tuck away when you’re not using it. A drop leaf table with storage, like this one, lets you choose between one or two collapsible leaves. Shelves in the middle of the table give you a little extra storage where you need it most.

3. Murphy Beds

Murphy beds were popular in the early 1900s, hitting their peak in the ‘20s. They trickled off during the Great Depression but recently came back in style with the trend of minimalistic living. Unlike most furniture, intended for functional purposes, the Murphy bed has a romantic story behind it. Inventor William L. Murphy lived in the 1890s when one’s reputation was everything. He wanted to court an opera singer, but he lived in a studio apartment. In those days, a woman was not allowed to be alone with a man in any room with a bed.  So what was a man bitten by the love bug to do? Well, if that man happened to be an inventor, as Murphy was, he would get creative. Murphy devised a way to make his bed disappear when he was courting his love, and the Murphy bed was born. It gained traction with other people in the same boat and with those who wanted more space in their small homes. Now, the hideaway bed has become popular again with people who enjoy the advantages of small apartments. Murphy bed designs have become just as comfortable and varied as their traditional counterparts. 

Adding a Murphy bed to your room gives you extra storage if you buy one with drawers. And you can have a big bed in a room that otherwise would have been too cramped. 


4. Triangle Side Tables

When organization is essential to you, an extra side table can be convenient. But in a room that’s already tightly packed, where would you put even more furniture? A triangle side table might be the answer for you if you have open corners. These furniture pieces come in multiple designs and styles. They’re versatile, so you can choose a short, barely-there table or a tall, sturdy one with lots of storage. Make the most of the corners in your small apartment by using an angled table.

5. Hidden Desks

Working from home is a regular thing today, with millions of people doing the virtual gig. Even if your job isn’t in your apartment, having a home office is beneficial for organizational purposes, too. In a small apartment, an office seems like a luxury you don’t have room for. But with a hidden desk, you can squeeze in efficiency without sacrificing essential space.

A Oneless desk, for example, has a unique nesting design that gives you extra desk space that gets tucked away when you aren’t using it. It has a split-level surface so you can adjust the height of your monitor and keyboard. Wall desks are another option. Also called “floating desks,” these pieces of furniture mount to your wall. You unfold the surface when you’re ready to use it and tuck it back into place once done; no floor space necessary!

This design is perfect for anyone who needs a dedicated area to work but has a small apartment with limited space.


Micro spaces and efficient living in small apartments are now sought-after styles. Having less space to call your own means a more affordable home with many other advantages, too.

These five furniture options will help you to make the most of your limited square footage. Style and functionality combine in an apartment-friendly furniture piece that will fit your room and your budget!


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