Best Internet Packages

Best Internet Packages

Internet connection

In the past year, we have learned that we need a safe internet connection that provides a fast and uninterrupted connection. Are you tired of slow internet speed and considering changing your internet service provider? We are providing you the details of some best internet service providers and the best internet packages to look out for, internet providers that we have chosen include WOW internet, Spectrum internet, and Windstream internet.

WOW! internet

WOW! is one of the top-ranked regional internet service providers and it also offers cable TV, and home phone services. There are different packages offered by WOW!. The details of the packages are mentioned below,

  1. Minimum Internet Speed

The minimum internet speed that WOW! internet is offering is 100 Mbps or 200 Mbps for the same price of $49.99 a month. It can vary, depending on your location.

Let’s dig into the number of devices supported by this speed. You can easily connect 3 to 4 devices, all at the same time with it. There will be no speed lag issues and you won’t be disturbed while using your internet.

  1. Medium Internet Speed

The medium internet speed that WOW! offers is 500 Mbps and it can cost around $59.99 a month. This speed supports up to 6 or 7 devices. You can connect your laptops, mobile phone, and other devices without worrying about internet speed issues.

  1. Highest Internet Speed

If you are looking for Gig internet then WOW! has that option. They’re offering 1 Gig internet that offers an ultra-fast internet speed. You’ll never see that frustrating buffering sign on your screen with this speed. You can connect multiple devices at the same time, and stream videos in 4k.

What’s there for you

There are many advantages of choosing WOW! internet.

  • You get the liberty to customize your monthly plans according to your preferences.
  • All the internet packages are unlimited and you can download anything freely, without any data restrictions.
  • If you’re eager to get your services installed the next day, that is possible with WOW! internet.
  • What can be better than saving up to a $90 installation charge is possible, because WOW! offers free installation to all the users who choose the online order option.

Spectrum broadband cable internet

Spectrum is an affordable ISP and they offer packages at promotional discounted rates. The different internet packages that are offered by Spectrum, are mentioned below,

  1. The minimum speed option

The regular or minimum internet speed with Spectrum is 100 Mbps or 200 Mbps. Prices for both speeds are the same that is around $49 a month. The regular speed varies for each location, in some areas it is 100 Mbps while in others, it can be 200 Mbps.

  1. Medium or Ultra internet speed option

The medium speed with Spectrum internet is 400 Mbps and it’ll cost around $70 a month. This package is ideal for those people who’re looking for speed for extensive internet usage. You’ll get consistent high internet speed.

  1. Lightning-fast or Highest internet speed

Spectrum offers the highest 1 Gig internet that offers blazing-fast internet speed. 1 Gig supports multiple devices at the same time and it also supports gaming stations. The price of this package after a promotional discount is around $110 a month.

What’s there for you

Spectrum is a provider, known for its benefits and features.

  • Imagine saving up to $10 monthly equipment rental charge for modem, Spectrum can turn it into a reality. Spectrum offers free internet modems to all its internet users.
  • Spectrum offers free anti-virus service that keeps your devices and your data protected.
  • For free access to nationwide Wi-Fi hotspots, Spectrum is the best option.
  • All the internet packages offered by Spectrum are without any data caps.
  • There are no contractual restrictions with Spectrum because they’re offering a No-Contract policy.  There’ll be no contract or ETF hassle.

Windstream Kinetic Internet

Windstream offers a fiber-optic fast internet connection. They offer services in only 18 states around the US. The internet speeds offered by Windstream Kinetic internet are different for each location so, we cannot tell you the exact speed or packages options for your location but, you can have an idea about different speed options that are offered genrally by Windstream.

  • The minimum internet speed offered by them is 25 Mbps.
  • Windstream also offers 50 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 200 Mbps, 500 Mbps, and the highest 1 Gig internet. The availability will depend on your address.

What’s there for you

  • You’ll not sign up for any contract with Windstream and hence, no ETF.
  • All the internet packages offer truly unlimited internet data.
  • Windstream offers promotional discounts.
  • For enhanced security, they offer special security plans.

Wrapping Up,

Internet is an essential commodity for day-to-day usage. You’ll need the assistance of the internet in everything that you do. When you plan to choose an ISP, make sure that you know the options that you have with them and you are aware of the policies. You can choose any internet package from the ISP’s that is mentioned above.

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