Best Online Products_Invest 1, Get 2x Or 3x Profits

Best Online Products_Invest 1, Get 2x Or 3x Profits

Online business is an increasingly popular trend, especially for young people who choose to start a business. Therefore, choosing which products to effectively sell online is a question that many people care about. Therefore, in this article, we show you the best online products with the lowest investment but it’s possible for you to get 3x profits!

1. Fashion (Clothing)

Holding the No. 1 position in the top of online business products with the lowest investment is currently fashion. Because no matter who you are, how old you are, there is always a demand to buy clothes for yourself. As long as you are a little quick and love fashion, capture the prevailing fashion trends to import goods and sell them to ensure the profits are always terrible.

Fashion items always occupy the # 1 position in the top most effective online business items

You also need to clearly identify the customer segment you want to target to choose the right model and price. It is best to choose a source with a moderate price but still good quality to sell, because it is often psychology of customers who prefer “nice but cheap” products. Don’t rush into high-end fashion items at the outset (unless you have a large capital and are targeting a wealthy customer file) because it is difficult to sell and may suffer capital losses.

2. Shoes

Like clothes, footwear is also the most profitable online business. With diverse and rich categories such as sports shoes, office shoes, men’s shoes, women’s shoes … this is absolutely a potential online business item for you to exploit. With this item, you need to keep in mind when selling, please specify information and guide customers to choose the right shoe size and sandals for them. Combining well between selling quality products, reasonable prices along with advice and dedicated customer care, you will always be in a state of “burning goods”.

Second, after clothing is the footwear because our beauty needs are extremely endless
Second, after clothing is the footwear because our beauty needs are extremely endless

3. Cosmetics

Ranked No. 3 in the number of online business items which are less profitable, they must mention cosmetics. Currently, the need for beauty is not only limited to women, but men are also more interested in their appearance. Therefore, the source of customers in the cosmetics industry is always very large and spoiled for you to exploit. Cosmetic products often have large discounts, do not require too much capital, low risk because they do not worry about running after fashion like clothes, do not worry as fast as food. Types of cosmetics you can choose to sell online such as makeup cosmetics, skin care, body care, perfume, hair care, natural cosmetics (handmade cosmetics), …

Cosmetics, online business items bring great profits because this is "addictive" for women
Cosmetics, online business items bring great profits because this is something “addictive” for

Often customers are very interested in products originating from Korean, Japanese, Thai, American, French, Russian brands, etc. Therefore, you should note the quality and origin of the product when import goods. Please select a reputable source to ensure quality. Do not profit, but sell products that do not guarantee origin and quality as advertised. Doing so will make you unable to survive long in online sales.

4. Handbags and backpacks

Business of handbags has never become obsolete. The need to beautify yourself from the accompanying accessories is always very big, in which bags are one of the products with the largest and most potential consumption. If you are going to start a business from an online bag business, you have made the right choice. You should delineate potential objects that need to be exploited because the customer group of bags is very diverse.

Handbags, backpacks, not only are essential items for storage but also one of the indispensable beauty accessories of women.

You should choose a “chestnut” handbag with a dynamic design that targets students. As for office workers, you should sell mid-sized handbags with designs and quality guaranteed. Because it is not only a purchase to beautify yourself but also a gift. In addition, you need to find out which type of bag is popular and selling well, so you should enter a lot. It will help you improve sales and create professionalism in the eyes of buyers.

5. Handmade items

Next, one of the less profitable online businesses is unique and creative handmade products. It can be said that the attraction from this product line has so far not decreased. Trading in handmade products is inherently a good job if you are a skillful person and can make your own products. Therefore, the amount of capital spent is relatively small because the cost of materials is usually quite cheap.

If you are a skillful person or passionate about handmade products, this is an online business item with little interest but you cannot ignore.

If you are not really skillful and creative to make handmade products, you can still import ready-made goods for sale. As long as you know how to combine online sales from channels, surely this item will bring about extremely effective revenue for you.

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