What Is The Best Phone Tracker For Android?

What Is The Best Phone Tracker For Android?

Phone tracker apps are helpful tools in keeping tabs on the activities of children, spouses, or employees on their mobile phones. As we spend increasingly more time on our mobile devices, our activity on these devices can give a clue of what goes on in our daily lives. The best phone tracker apps have features such as call monitoring to find out who the target speaks to on the phone and geo-location to find out the places they visit. The best phone trackers available for Android devices are mentioned below. Let’s dive in!

  1. uMobix

This is the best phone tracker app to track your partner or child's Android phone. The uMobix phone tracker is loaded with both basic and advanced features to help you track your target’s phone activity as effectively as possible. The uMobix phone tracker comes with adequate tools to help assure you of your children’s online and offline safety and your spouse’s faithfulness.

With the uMobix phone tracker app, you do not have to hire a private spy to tail your children to get a fix on their location. Once you have the uMobix phone tracker app installed on their device, you can track their devices from the comfort of your home. Using the uMobix dashboard which can be accessed from any internet-enabled device, you can check out the location of your partner or children on the map. This feature means your children can no longer lie to you about their whereabouts. 

This phone tracker app also lets you protect your children from unsafe communications via phone calls. It has a call tracking feature that gives you access to the full list of contacts on the target device. This enables you to scan their devices for any unwanted phone numbers. In some cases, your target may change a contact’s name to deceive you. This will however not work if you use uMobix as you get alerted to the change in the name of a contact. 

You also have access to the full call log of the target device. Using this, you can take note of all the calls that go out and come into the device. You even get to see details of calls that have been deleted from the target device. This call monitoring feature can also be used to keep tabs on a partner suspected of cheating. 

The uMobix phone tracker app also gives you access to your target’s social media and instant messaging accounts. This includes more than 30 social media apps including Whatsapp, Telegram, Instagram, and Snapchat. You can monitor all these social media apps with the use of periodic screenshots. You also have a list of all the apps installed on the device as well as the time spent on each app. You also can block access to any apps which you find dangerous. The app also allows you to lock down the device if you so wish. 

The uMobix app isn't good for just Android devices as it also allows you to track iOS devices. The uMobix phone tracker is available via subscription. You can decide to pay $49.99 monthly, $83.99 every three months, or $139.99 yearly. 

  1. Hoverwatch

This is another great phone tracker for Android devices. With this phone tracker app, you can monitor calls, track the location and read SMS messages on your target device. Once installed on the target device, this app will remain hidden to ensure that your child or spouse has no idea that they are being monitored. 

Hoverwatch allows you to monitor all the calls made from and received on the target device as well as read all of the text messages. This is an important feature for monitoring your partner as most communications between lovers are either by phone calls or text messages. You are also able to track social media apps such as Facebook and Whatsapp. The Hoverwatch phone tracker allows you to read all the messages exchanged through these social media apps. 

Hoverwatch also has a geolocation feature that lets you determine the location of a person by tracking the individual's smartphone. Using the GPS feature on the Android phone as well as WiFi signals and cell towers, this phone tracker can get an accurate fix on your target's location at all times. To further confirm the location of the target, you can get the phone to take a picture using the camera on the device. You can also decide to have the front camera take a picture each time the device is unlocked. This can be a great way of catching the criminal if the phone is ever stolen. 

Replacing the sim card on the target device will send an alert to your dashboard. This enables you to find out if your partner or child is keeping a secret phone number from you. Hoverwatch costs $24.95 per month for the Personal plan and $49.95 monthly for the professional plan. 

  1. Spyzzz

This great app helps you catch your cheating partner in the act. It can also be used to verify the faithfulness of your partner. This is a great app to get if you have doubts concerning the faithfulness of your partner. 

The Spyzzz phone tracker app has a keylogger that can be used to uncover all that your partner types on their Android phone. This includes messages, websites, and passwords. It also gives you the ability to view messages exchanged on all the popular social media platforms. The Spyzzz app gives you access to a list of all the contacts saved on the device as well as the call log. This means you can track the calls made to and from the device even when such call logs are deleted. 

SMS messages are also revealed to you in your Spyzzz dashboard. You even have the option of intercepting or blocking messages sent to the device. Once your target deletes a message, the contents of the message are recorded and an alert is sent to your dashboard. The Spyzzz phone tracker can also help you read emails on the target device with support for most of the email clients available right now.  

You can get a general idea of what is going on in the surroundings of your target using the audio and video stream feature of the phone tracker. Audio stream makes use of the microphones to transmit audio from the device to your dashboard. The video stream passes a recording of the surroundings taken from the device camera to your dashboard. There is also a geo-finder feature that gives you the accurate location of whoever it is you are spying on. 

Spyzz also lets you prevent the target device from accessing the internet. You can also prevent the device from making calls as well as block the device which prevents the user from gaining access to it. Spyzzz costs $49.99 every month. 


The following phone tracker apps are the best for spying on Android devices. Of course, the first on the list—uMobix, is our top recommendation as it has the right ratio of price to performance, giving you complete peace of mind as regards to your children, employees or relationship.

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