Best Phone, TV, And Internet Deals In 2022

Best Phone, TV, And Internet Deals In 2022

Bundling home phone, TV, and internet service for cost savings is not a brand new idea; many of us bundle our TV, home phone, and Internet service for savings. Bundling offers many benefits; including discounts on services you already use every day and the ease of dealing with a single bill each month. The popularity of bundling has grown to the point that some providers now offer three, four, and even five “bundled” services. Find out why you should bundle your phone, TV, and Internet services in this article along with the top packages to consider for phone, TV, and internet.

No matter who you are, be it a student, a teacher, a businessman, or even a person digging tunnels under the ground, you need ready-made entertainment on hand. Below are five deals for you to consider in 2022.

Top 5 Internet, TV, and Phone Deals

  1. Spectrum

 Among the reasons we chose Spectrum was because the provider likes to keep things simple. Spectrum offers customers the option of choosing internet and cable TV bundles from any combination of plans available in their area. Adding Spectrum Internet and cable TV will also result in a discount. In terms of bundles, Spectrum's streaming service is the most affordable. Spectrum's TV, internet, and voice packages are referred to as Spectrum triple play, while its two services bundled together are called Spectrum double play.

TV Essentials is available for a few dollars more per month for Spectrum customers without cable TV packages. Over 60 live channels are available on the streaming service, including Comedy Central, AMC, Viceland, Discovery, Nickelodeon, and more. There are no regional sports channels available.

Spectrum's most affordable cable package, TV Select, includes regional sports channels as well as local channels. The package allows you to watch regional sports networks from any major provider for one of the lowest prices and adds internet to your package at an additional discount. Click on the link to find more information. 

  1. Xfinity

A decent discount is offered by bundling TV and internet. Bundling Xfinity internet and TV can result in a monthly savings of up to $20. Customers who bundle services with Xfinity receive discounts on each additional service.

Xfinity Popular TV includes over 100 additional channels, including regional sports networks, for a few dollars more per month. Xfinity Connect and Basic TV are both excellent options if you only need 50Mbps and local channels. If you decide to upgrade your internet plan, we recommend that you also do so. Xfinity offers a range of five different speeds, up to gigabit service with speeds up to 1,200Mbps.

  1. Mediacom

Mediacom is one of the few providers that does not sell standalone TV. Due to the fact that TV plans are only available if you subscribe to the internet, bundle discounts are not possible. Mediacom still offers a relatively low-cost bundle. For example, Internet 60 with local TV costs as little as $30 a month.

You will only have to pay a few dollars extra per month for local TV when you add it to Access Internet 60. That is still a pretty good deal, even if it's just local channels. When you upgrade to Essential TV, which comes with 125 channels, you can get 125+ channels for up to $60 per month with Access Internet 60. You can get access to the entire sports network lineup, including ESPN, for up to $80 per month when you bundle Variety TV and regional sports networks.

Be aware that the Mediacom data cap applies if you plan to stream using Mediacom's internet service. There is also no internet bundle from Mediacom for streaming TV. The Access Internet 60 plan includes a data cap of 200GB, and an overage fee of approximately $10 applies for each 50GB overage. The Mediacom gig plans allow you to get up to 6TB of data, but the price will be a little higher per month.

  1. Optimum

In Optimum, TV service must be bundled with internet to receive TV service, so there are no real discounts, but the bundles are relatively affordable. The internet speed can reach 100 Mbps and the channel lineup includes mostly local networks for up to $50 per month.

Optimum offers the lowest price increases for upgrading, so it is perhaps harder to refuse than other major service providers. You will pay only a few dollars more per month if you upgrade from Internet 100 to Internet 300, for example. With their next lowest-cost TV package, Optimum Core, you'll spend around $35 more per month than Basic TV, but it's definitely worth it. The package, which includes over 100 channels, includes sports channels like MSG and Yes Network.

  1. Verizon Fios

Despite being part of Verizon Fios, Sling TV offers low-priced internet and TV bundles starting at $75 per month with Sling Blue TV or Sling Orange. With Sling Blue TV, you can symmetrically upload and download up to 300Mbps, as well as choose from Sling Blue or Sling Orange. You will receive a promotional offer from Verizon - free Sling TV for 2 months, which is a value of approximately $70.

Only about 30 channels are available in Blue and Orange Sling packages. In addition to Verizon Fios internet plans, users get to enjoy AMC Plus and Disney Plus for a year for free. The Orange package also includes Disney Channel, but the Blue package does not, despite AMC already being included in both packages. For those who already have Disney Plus with Verizon Fios internet, the Blue package might be a better option, but you should compare the entire channel lineup of both packages before choosing.

Sporting events are included in Sling TV Orange, but Fox Sports 1 is not. ESPN is not available on Sling TV Blue. Both services do not have regional sports networks. 

Benefits of Bundling Phone, TV and Internet

Below are some of the benefits of bundling TV, internet, and phone:


You can save money by taking advantage of a package deal! Ultimately, all three services are provided by the same provider, and that's exactly what the provider wants - for you to keep all of their services. In addition, they cost significantly less than purchasing separate services like TV, internet, or phone.

Nevertheless, you should also check the prices of standalone plans as some providers may try to trick you into paying more for bundled plans. 

Long-Term Relationships

Having a package deal allows you to stay in touch with all of your loved ones and friends all over the world. With limitless calls and lightning-fast internet, you can accommodate both users with either internet access or a phone network. You can even video call your family!

Every business has its own communication requirements for commercial purposes. Fiber-optic internet may be the best choice for large corporations, but small businesses may prefer simple internet, TV, and phone packages. Your service will need to be flexible as your company grows. A variety of plans, speeds, and features are available from dependable phone and internet service providers.

Boost your productivity

An internet and phone bundle allows you to simplify all your network and calling activities without worrying about multiple installations. Additionally, you will not have to worry about which company to call for help. When you purchase a phone and internet package, you can manage both services from the same account. It is a very convenient and hassle-free process.

The cost of combining phone and internet services is usually less than if they were purchased separately. Experienced providers allow you to select your desired speed and services, so you do not pay for anything you do not need. If you transfer from an old business internet provider, you may be entitled to a credit toward your phone and internet package. Choosing a plan that combines internet, TV, and the phone will allow you to pay one bill rather than wrangling through multiple bills, and you'll save even more money if you sign up for a one, two, or three-year agreement.

Bundle Has Flexibility

With some service providers, you can customize your bundle package. You do not have to choose all three if you do not need them all. For example, do you travel often and do not require cable service? By discussing it with them, you can get a bundle that includes everything from cable TV to a phone. Whatever you want depends on your budget and needs – do not need it right now, but think you might need it later? No problem, you can choose what you want whenever you want. Do not worry, you can always buy an add-on later.


Getting your hands on the best internet, TV, and phone deal can be a little frustrating. However, we have done the research part for you so you can choose one that suits your need and budget. If you have questions and concerns, leave a comment in the comment section below. We will get back to you soon.

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