5 Best Product Customization Examples

5 Best Product Customization Examples

Now that almost every commodity is sold online and the business is booming, bigger brands are experiencing more competition than before.With Globalization at its peak, it’s pretty much possible to buy products manufactured from across the world without any difficulties whatsoever. Thanks to eCommerce stores, just a click of a button and the product will reach buyers’ doorstep before they know it. We wanted to find how top brands incorporated product customization feature to their online store and how it impacted their overall sales & brand image. Here are our top 5 brands which maximize their ROI by selling the best customized products.


We all know Nike is a marketing company who also sell shoes. When they wanted to increase Direct to Consumer sales channel, they come up with the idea to sell customizable shoes to the end consumer. Customized shoes were sold for 170$. Nike not only increased their sales but also earned huge PR for its innovation in the shoe industry.

2.Blue Sky

Blue Sky is the #1 planner brand in the USA delivering exclusive premium and personalized planners. Customers can upload their own cover images or choose from the gallery; can customize the name frame style, color, fonts, change interior color and format, giving the shoppers full liberty to design. This increased its sales by 20%.


Product customization not just stopped with high price products like cars, household goods sellers like Nutella also added customization to their marketing strategy, allowing its customers to add their name to the jar. When they introduced it in the market, people loved it. Customers started to share the product with their name on it which created a huge buzz for them in social media.

4.Solid Surface

Solidsurface.com is the only online marketplace for the decorative surfacing industry in the USA. Imbibing features letting customers choose intricate details like – material and color, width and depth, sink quantity and type, where faucet holes should be, ink positioning, etc. has satisfied every shopper who was a part.

5.Susan Lanci

Susan Lanci Designs are a luxury online dog boutique offering dog accessories with a perfect fit, highest quality, utmost comfortability, superior safety, and of course style. After customization, the shoppers can choose to detail every small thing right from a collar to hook. This lead to a 9% increase in conversion for the brand.

If you are someone who is thinking of adding customization to your store and don’t know whether this feature will increase your sales. Don’t worry we are here to help you. We hope some of the online stores which we offers of customized products to win loyal customers which helped them to stay ahead in the competition.

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