5 Best Stretch Mark Products You Should Buy In 2019

5 Best Stretch Mark Products You Should Buy In 2019

You are looking for a stretch mark product that really work, you landed at the right place and right time. Because I’m about to reveal not just one… but 5 of the best stretch mark product and oils that can repair your skin fast and painlessly. I’m also going to go over the main pros and cons of each stretch mark cream, so that you can get the one that best suits your needs. Below we will offer 5 best product for stretch marks that may be your concern.

1.Natural Spa Factory organic baobab oil

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Husband and wife team Emma and Jeremy started Natural Spa Factory over a decade ago; with a focus on spa products that use natural, botanically sourced ingredients. The key one here being baobab oil: an omega-rich oil that’s also high in skin-wonder vitamins A and E. This oil works with a dropper; meaning it’s very easy to apply and avoids spillage and overuse. 

But how did it fare on the all-important stretch mark test? Well, our tester (who had a significant amount of stretch marks due to rapid weight gain) gave it top marks; finding it dramatically reducing the redness and appearance of their stretch marks in just a few short weeks. The only drawback was it had less of an impact on our testers scars, but given that these were from historic surgery that is perhaps to be expected. 

Another benefit to this nutrient-rich oil is its multi-functional, with our tester noting it also did wonders for their dry skin patches on their face. Hopefully, this product will be the perfect choice to find the best
product for stretch marks.

2. Lloyds Pharmacy body care oil: £7.99, Lloyds Pharmacy

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This budget-friendly stretch mark oil from Lloyds Pharmacy garnered impressive results from our heavily pregnant tester. A little of this specially formulated oil (which includes a blend of sweet almond oil and argan oil) goes a long way and whilst it does take a while to fully absorb, our tester was impressed with the silky soft feeling it left behind and its sweet scent. Most importantly, it managed to make a real difference to their stretch marks, simply using it once a day over several weeks resulted in significantly fainter marks. 

3.Mama Mio the tummy rub butter

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As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure – and that applies to stretch marks too. For mums-to-be who are looking to ensure their skin is in tip-top shape throughout their pregnancy, this tummy butter from Mama Mio is ideal. We loved how luxuriously rich this cream felt when applied to our bump; which is down to the combination of natural ingredients such as shea butter, organic avocado oil and rosehip oil. 

Along with keeping our bump smooth, it also kept its promise of preventing stretch marks from popping up. In fact, this butter has been proven in trials to protect against future stretch marks appearing and helps improve the elasticity of skin by 20 per cent in just two weeks. Whilst we can’t promise this one will banish your existing marks, it is great for those who are on the hunt for the perfect preventative.

4. Made for Life Organics restorative body balm

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This 100 per cent organic, Soil Association approved range of skincare is ideal for those looking for a spot of truly indulgent pampering. In fact, one of our testers summed this award-winning restorative body balm up perfectly as “simply a spa in a jar”. The balm’s rose geranium fragrance and nourishing properties meant it left skin feeling truly pampered (and this effect lasted well until the next day).

Whilst our tester was particularly impressed with how long this left her skin feeling impressively smooth and taut, it’s worth noting that it didn’t have as much of a significant impact on the actual appearance of their stretch marks as others on this list. We’d definitely recommend this if you’re looking for an indulgent, natural treat but not for those looking to banish larger or redder marks.

5.Valmont Val D. solution booster


If you take your skincare seriously, you’ve no doubt heard of Valmont: a Swiss anti-ageing brand who are known for their high-performing, science-based skin products. Their solution booster is no exception; using high concentrations of potent ingredients such as caffeine and forskolin (a natural plant compound thought to help with weight loss). 

Our tester found it worked incredibly quickly: noting the serum-like consistency felt rich and nourishing, glided on and absorbed in moments and worked wonders on her areas of cellulite. The delightful apricot-like scent filled the room and the intensive moisturising properties of this one is another huge plus point.

Above are the list of the best product for stretch marks. Hope that it is useful for yourself.

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