The Best Products For Summer Of Scent Split 2019

The Best Products For Summer Of Scent Split 2019

Scent Split offers samples and decants of niche fragrances. What they do is spray, pour, or use sterile pipettes to take perfume from its original large bottle and repackage it in a smaller bottle so that the consumer can try as many fragrances as they desire before buying a full bottle.

Summer is the time for simple pleasures: outdoor parties, cold drinks, escapes to the beach. A time to choke one’s fellow citizens with a poorly chosen perfume. Best products for the summer of Scent Split are the thing you definitely need. Below are the best for you.

1. Acqua Viva

Acqua Viva is the most amazingly authentic lemon scent they have ever found. It is the bracing scent of the zest – intense, bright and clean and without a drop of sugar in it. These are lemons that are still on a tree, surrounded by cypress and cedar, overlooking the dazzling Mediterranean Sea. The air is fresh, the sky is blue and life is good. Acqua Viva uses Amalfi lemons – the queen of lemons – grown on terraced hillsides and famed for their intense scent and flavor. Sunlight in a bottle.

2. Bergamote 22

Bergamote 22 started its life under the code name “Fire Cologne”, and as soon as we smelled the unexpected effervescent spiciness of its top notes, we knew why. Subtle but noticeable, the piquancy of nutmeg puts a twist on the classic citrus scent genre. The tingling spice compliments beautifully the fizzy notes of grapefruit and bergamot. The translucent green aspect brought on by petitgrain is yet another layer that unfolds on the skin revealing the complex nature of this seemingly simple composition. The gauzy citrus notes are grounded by amber, musk, and vetiver. The substantionality of the base notes gives Bergamote 22 weight and rich texture seldom found in citrus blends. A unisex fragrance with an unforgettable personality.

3. Lumiere Blanche


Coolness? A brace of cold spices like cardamom and star anise. Heat? The burn of cinnamon. This spicy cocktail livens up a soothing, creamy blend of almond milk, sandalwood and tonka bean: the almond and sandalwood produce skin-loving milky effects, while the almond and tonka bean pick up on the licorice-y facets of the star anise. Powdery iris and musks add another, different layer of whiteness to a fragrance which, unusually, has a slightly milky aspect. A beautiful, sensuous yet candid fragrance that might just turn into your go-to bottle.

4. Mefisto

While the name may conjure images of fire and brimstone, Casamorati’s Mefisto is anything but demonic. Devilish, maybe, as in a combination of citrus, florals, and woods in a classic Italian style so devilishly handsome that it’s near impossible to resist. In fact, from the so-fresh-it-makes-our-mouths-water opening to the incredibly smooth lavender and rose masculine floral bouquet of the heart, through the clean, crisp, musky drydown, the whole thing is- now that we think about it- so smoothly seductive that maybe we ought to give the devil his due. Who else could make something this clean and casual feel so sexy?

5. Moonlight in Heaven

The seductive power of moonlight can be quite deceptive- a seemingly soft and innocent glow that nonetheless leads to indulgences one would never dare in the light of day. Moonlight in Heaven captures the totality of this power

Moonlight in Heaven opens with a pop of citrus and spicy pink pepper that stuns like a dazzling beam of pale light, leading into a soft, mouthwatering blend of milky rice, creamy coconut and juicy mango. A base of rich tonka and exceedingly delicate vetiver further increase the cool, hazy sensuality, presenting us with an otherworldly evening where deeds and desires are between you, your chosen companion- and of course, the light of the moon.

Have you chosen your favorite yet? With this Best product for the summer of Scent Split, I hope this will be helpful for you to past this crazy summer.



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