Best Products Of Advertising That Will Inspire You

Best Products Of Advertising That Will Inspire You

You’re a designer living in the 21st century. Your job is defined by screens and software. What in the world could you possibly learn about advertising from a bunch of old print ads? The answer, of course, is “a ton.”. This is some of the Best Products of Advertising for you

1. Johnnie Walker – Human (The Android)

This Johnnie Walker‘s television commercial comes from the future through the perspective of an android. The 60 second Scotch whisky TV advertisement

“I am faster than you. I am stronger than you. Certainly, I will last much longer than you. You may think I am the future, but you’re wrong: you are. If I had a wish, I’d wish to be human; to know how it feels to feel, to hold, to despair, to wonder, to love. I can achieve immortality by not wearing out. You can achieve immortality simply by doing one great thing.”

Keep up the good work, drink responsibly and keep walking! Refer more about classified ads , buy and sell , advertise

2. Nike – Winner Stays

Nike is one of the biggest companies in creating products for athletes and sports products. They have made many amazing ads and one of their best is Winner Stays On. In this video, you can see many famous football players and event “Hulk”, that makes become funny with a powerful message in the end – ‘Risk everything’.

3. Coke: Share a Coke

They selected the most popular names and printed them on labels, and made even more available online. It sparked a sharing frenzy and quickly became one of their most successful marketing campaigns.

Coca-Cola also acknowledged, for young people, personalization is not a temporary desire but a lifestyle. These customers promote being able to express themselves, share personal stories and be connected with friends. The campaign “Share a Coke” gave them the opportunity to do all three things in parallel with helping Coca-Cola promote the image.

4. Google: Year in Search (2017)

This isn’t the oldest or most well-known advertisement on the list, but it’s become the most powerful over its nine-year (and still going) existence. So powerful and so true, you forget it’s an advertisement.

The Lesson

Remind your customers how much you care that they care. These stories elicit a variety of emotions, but ultimately unite everyone — no matter what Google products they might like — through an uplifting message of how our usage of the company reflects the best in all of us.

5. Budweiser – Puppy Love

A touching story about the friendship between the Golden Retriever and the Clydesdale cannot be prevented. That said, the friendship message is not limited to religion, color, nationality or class … Especially, the cute and vivacious image of the Golden Retriever dog has easily captured the audience’s affection.

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