[Best-Selling 2019] AirPods And Headphones – Best-Selling Products On Cyber Monday

[Best-Selling 2019] AirPods And Headphones – Best-Selling Products On Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is an annual shopping occasion in the US, UK, and many other countries. It is considered as a part of the holiday season, which users can buy many of the same discounted products as Black Friday.

Sony WH-1000X M3, Bose QuietComfort 35 II, or AirPods Pro are the models of headphones with noticeable noise-canceling features that come with a big discount on Black Friday.

Sony WH-1000X M3: $278 (original price $ 350)

Sony WH-1000X M3

This is the 3rd gen noise-canceling headphones of Sony. It has a Noise Canceling Processor QN1 chip, which is 4 times better in noise-canceling than the previous version.

In addition, the product also features Quick Attention Mode that allows users to listen to sounds in the external environment. It is also integrated with Google Assistant.

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Bose QuietComfort 35 II: $280 (original price $350)

Bose QuietComfort 35 II

The device supports active noise cancellation at many levels such as low, high. According to Bose, this model’s battery lasts about 20 hours on a single charge.

There is no reason to skip it on Cyber Monday 2019.

Jabra Elite 85h: $250 (original price $300)

Jabra Elite 85h

This is Jabra’s first noise-canceling headphones. The product was launched in early 2019. The headphone can automatically adjust the level of noise cancellation depending on the surrounding environment. Jabra Elite 85h can be used up to 32 hours on a single charge.

Beats Studio 3: $200 (original price $350)

Beats Studio 3

In addition to active noise canceling, the device also gets attention by owning Apple W1 chips that help to connect to iPhone, iPad or Macbook quickly and conveniently.

Sennheiser PXC 550: $200 (original price $350)

Sennheiser is not a very popular name when it comes to noise-canceling headphones like Sony or Bose but it is highly rated for sound quality. The Trackpad of the device is built to Earcup. Users can easily adjust the volume, transfer songs by swiping your finger on the touch area.

Apple AirPods Pro: $235 (original price $250)

Apple AirPods Pro

The headphone is equipped with an H1 chip like the 2nd generation AirPods that allows Siri to be activated at any time. The H1 chip also handles noise cancellation. Apple says AirPods Pro gets up to 5 hours of battery life like AirPods. This model only has a built-in Qi wireless charging version or uses a Lightning charging port.

These products are mainly discounted at large shopping sites like Amazon, Best Buy or Target. For this reason, you need to find the best way to get the highest Cyber Monday deals. A shopping plan is great for you to have the most saving Cyber Monday.

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