Best Selling Products_Technology Products On Amazon

Best Selling Products_Technology Products On Amazon

Technology is a key industry on Amazon. Here, consumers worldwide can purchase hundreds of thousands of genuine technology products at good prices.

Here are 5 tech products on the list of the best selling products on Amazon today:

1.Apple Watch Series 3 GPS smart watch

The product is 42 mm in size, equivalent to the screen size of 1.65 inches, the battery is used continuously for 18 hours. This smartwatch possesses many convenient features such as: connecting directly to iPhone to listen to call and read messages, monitor heart rate, count footsteps, water resistance up to 50 meters depth …
The product has a 2-year warranty, priced at about $235.11 on Amazon.

2.Amazon Fire Tablet HD 10 Kids Edition

The product has an impact-resistant protective cover, enhanced bearing capacity, and comes with an unconditional 2-year renewal warranty. In these 2 years, if children play against the computer, scratch the screen, break the screen … will be exchanged for Amazon.

In terms of configuration, it has a 10-inch screen, 32GB internal memory capable of upgrading memory capacity to 128GB via memory card, quad-core (quad-core) chip of 1.5GHz, Wi-Fi connection, 5MP camera.

3.Echo Dot Gen 3 smart speaker

This is the best-selling voice-controlled smart speaker on Amazon. Through the Amazon Alexa application, the speaker can connect to other speakers, play music; control lights, fans, television air conditioner switches; call; send Message; read the news; check the weather …

Speakers can play music from multiple sources: Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio and TuneIn. 

4.Infrared massage pillow Pillow SA-PCA010

The pillow is designed with 4 balls, can massage many positions on the body such as head, neck, shoulders, back, abdomen, thighs, calves, feet, hands. The strength of the pillow is that the parts on the machine when operating will create a continuous pulse on the pillow surface. Each marble on the pillow will directly affect the acupuncture points to help blood circulation, relieve pain, relax the body. This product is compact, easy to carry away. 

5.Wireless headphones Apple AirPods

The Bluetooth headset Apple’s first impress the believers technology by unique design, no strap. The product includes only 2 headsets, the tail part is in contact with the charging feet located inside the box. The box contains cum capable of charging the headset.

Although there is no cord, the headset is designed to fit the ear, making it difficult to drop. The sound quality of Apple AirPods is quite good. Apple also equips AirPods with smart features such as wearing on the ear to operate, removing the earphones, turning it off, wearing two ears to listen to stereo music or wearing an ear to talk …

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