10 Best Styling Products For Men|Updated 2019

10 Best Styling Products For Men|Updated 2019

Owning a nice trend following hairstyle is the wish of all boys. However, in order to have a strange style, men really need to have aesthetic & proper styling method. There’re not many men who claim to know how to own a beautiful hairstyle as expected. Moreover, facing thousands of hair styling products such as gel, mouse, clay or pomade … makes the men extremely confused when making choices? Don’t worry! Please follow this article and you can find the best choice-the best styling products for your hair!


What is Pomade?

Pomade after applying on the hair will create shine, moisture and keep the hair very good immediately. Don’t make your hair dry, hard, and easily detached is the superiority of Pomade. Pomade has 2 main types: water base and oil base.

Pomade is the right product for guys with dry hair

Pomade original water

Water-based Pomade easily dissolves when rubbed into your hands, users can swipe the Pomade on evenly and easily style hair.

Pomade also makes it easy to edit your hair style

Pomade original oil

In contrast to water-based pomade, oil-based pomade with fat-based ingredients has the advantage of long-lasting hair sticking and keeping it clean but difficult to clean.

Pomade is suitable for classic hairstyles like slick back, pompadour …


Pomade used when the hair is still moist or dried about 50%. You have oily hair so avoid using Pomade because it will cause a feeling of hair loss.


What is Clay?

This product is easily confused with the wax most by its nature. But Clay is usually heavier than wax and its retention is usually stronger than wax, but depending on some lines it may be lighter than wax. The most noticeable thing in Clay is that the clay-containing ingredient helps to create dryness which means it is harder to apply to the palm. Clay is suitable for thick hard hair, medium or short bamboo roots.

Clay can help keep hair moisturized, making hair strong and free from sclerosis


Before using Clay, please wash your hair clean and dry. Then apply Clay to your fingers and smooth your hair. If you find your hair slightly dry, you can add some water when stroking. Then, use a light brush on the hair that is not close to the scalp for better hair.

After styling your hair, it will feel light and natural without drying out

3. Wax

What is wax?

Wax, also known as hair claw wax is “hardening” with many different hairstyles and hairstyles, is the most flexible and variable product. Wax provides quite good gloss (less than gel) and keeps it at a moderate level. If you have to wear a helmet after using wax, when you remove the helmet, you can still easily brush your hair, style it, especially without having your hair covered.

Wax makes hair feel more natural, not too hard like gel


You should use Wax when your hair is damp or dry. Apply Wax all over your palm, then smooth it into your hair as you like. Not recommended to use when hair has not been washed yet!

Wax also gives you a lot of gloss effects: non-glossy, slightly glossy, medium-gloss to very glossy

Hair wax is best suited for people with short to medium hair lengths.


What is gel?

Hair clipping gel is a traditional product and men all know little about it. Since its inception in the 90s, gel is the product that has the ability to hold the most stable, and hard and keep the ball for the longest time. It is also a weakness of the gel because when you are dry you cannot use your hand to fix the hairstyle like with wax or pomade.

Gel is considered to be the oldest product

The gel has a mousse-like appearance, but using too much gel will make the hair stick and wet.


The gel is often used by boys when the hair is too stubborn to listen. You just need to apply the amount of gel just enough to the body of the fingers and then slip into the hair in the same way as you want to have the desired hair style.

The type of nail head, short hair, and chicken hair are especially suitable for gel use


What is mousse?

Mousse or foam, often used primarily for the purpose of making the bulge and make the hair thicker. When using foam, the hair of the user will feel more thick, fluffy and stronger thanks to the coating of cotton on each strand of hair.

Mousse is suitable for people who have thin, soft, hard-to-tap hair and hair styles that need a certain amount of swelling
Mousse has enough moisture to prevent hair roots from being too dry when operating under hot weather, especially in the summer


Shake well, spray a moderate amount on damp or dry hair, apply evenly to the entire hair, then dry again until the hair is dry. When put on mousse hair, it feels a bit hissing, but when the hair has been styled, it gives the ability to hold and control the hair extremely well.


What is hair spray?

Hair spray or hair spray is also called. Hair spray uses tiny droplets to cover your hair evenly. Hair spray is divided into two lines used before and after the styling process for different purposes

The product is absolutely essential when you want to create beautiful, strong hairstyles or personalities

Hair spray is one of the beauty products for hair, texture in liquid form, when sprayed on hair, dissolved substances which easily evaporate.

Types of hairspray

Pre-styling Hair Spray

Pre-styling Hair Spray is a product used to fold and protect your hair.

Bnaj should use this hair spray when the hair has moisture and before drying to heat styling.

This is a product that will help you protect the hair that you can’t lack

Finishing Hair Spray

Finishing Hair Spray is a product that is used to make difficult hair pieces that are sticky, easily broken after styling.

You can use this hair spray after you have finished styling and want to fix the strands that are difficult to fold and break after styling.

No hairstyle will be impossible for you

Hopefully, through this article, guys will find themselves a hair styling product that best suits themselves!

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