[Latest] Best Time For Booking A Flight

[Latest] Best Time For Booking A Flight

A study indicated that 53 days before departure is the most ideal time to get the cheapest flight tickets. Skyscanner revealed that 7 weeks before the flight was the best time for booking a flight.

Specifically, for flights to Barcelona (Spain), visitors should book 4 months in advance for spring, 8 months for summer, 11 months for autumn, and just 2 months for winter. In the spring, you should depart on Saturday and return on Friday for the best price.

A study conducted by Momondo in November 2015 concluded that booking 53 days before departure is the best time for booking a flight. Tuesday is usually the cheapest day to fly, and the lowest price is often for flights departing from 6pm to midnight.

Best Time For Booking A Flight

However, these suggestions are for reference only to visitors. For important flights on holidays like Christmas or New Year, you should book a little in advance.

Best Time For Booking A Flight

If you want to travel during Christmas, you should book the flight as soon as possible. Flight price on holiday are rarely discounted.

Best Time For Flight Discounts

Airlines often do not have fixed their promotions. Therefore, you should sign up to receive their newsletter via email to get updated information.

Ticket price comparison websites often have a monthly chart to see which day customers can get the cheapest flight. As our tracking, the chart of Skyscanner is usually the most accurate one.

One more important thing is that when comparing prices, you shouldn’t forget to include additional fees like checked baggage, credit card payments, etc.

For long flights, it will be better to contact travel agents to book tickets as they may have better fares.

Christmas 2019 is coming. If your family or friends have any plan for traveling on that day, don’t wait more. Many people will choose travel to other countries as a way of celebrating Christmas as well as learning about culture and tradition in another land. So, booking a flight as soon as possible is very essential. Because it helps you not only be easier in getting Christmas deals and discounts but also avoid “sold out”.

Hopefully, all above things of best time for booking a flight will be partly of help for your travelling plan in the upcoming Christmas.

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