Best Tips For Hunting 2019 Christmas Sales

Best Tips For Hunting 2019 Christmas Sales

After months of waiting, the Christmas season has officially arrived. Only 20 days left until our most anticipated day. If you haven’t hunted any items on Black Friday, it’s time to start your battle now. Year – end will be the best period when thousands of stores over the world run a big sale campaign no less than Black Friday. Join us to find out the experience of hunting 2019 Christmas sales that you will hunt for the most hottest deals.

When 2019 Christmas Sales Starts

2019 Christmas Sales Starts

As we all know, Xmas sales takes place after Black Friday event with many items available at extremely affordable prices. People even hunt for Christmas deals more than they did on Black Friday, because of attractive discounts from famous brands to welcome the New Year. For example, items can be reduced by 10-50% to help customers easily own their favorite products without worrying about the high price.

The Chain of Christmas Sale Event

Christmas Holiday Season is a series of sale hunting festivals at the end of the year. Specifically, it has 3 main stages including Green Monday, Free Shipping Day, Super Saturday with different periods. Here are the details:

Green Monday

Green Monday Christmas Sales

This is well-known for being the first shopping festival in December, which takes place on Monday of the second week. Green Monday is a sale off event launched by Ebay 10 years ago and brings a high revenue for retailers during the year.

Free Shipping Day

Taking place in mid-December, as the name implies, shops or websites offer free shopping opportunities to deliver products to customers. And especially, all goods will be abundant in quantity or value and 100% free shipping. Businesses encourage consumers to buy more, increasing sales conversion rate thanks to these offers.

Super Saturday

Another name for Super Saturday is Pre – Sale off Christmas which happens on the last Saturday one day before Christmas.

What Products You Should Buy on 2019 Christmas Sales

The following are attractive items that you can hunt on Christmas at a low cost.

Fashionable Clothing

Fashionable Clothing christmas sales

Clothing is one of the most discounted goods in all sale events throughout the year. If you are a shopaholic, don’t miss this chance. Fashion shops with lots of deep discounts from 10 – 70% attract a large number of consumers to visit and choose.

Electronics and Technology

Electronics and Technology

Electronics and technology products are never out of date, so owning these items at affordable prices is indeed the desire of many customers. They are offered attractive incentives with the biggest promotions of up to 60-70%. The familiar and famous brands such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, and Dell also have appealing discounts.

Christmas Decoration

The Gift of Christmas Decoration

Because the time of sale is also very close to Christmas and New Year, so the Christmas decorations are also sold a lot with all shapes and colors. This allows consumers easily to get their desired items at low costs and make the home more sparkling and beautiful.

Obviously, more than 30% of online shopping trade on Christmas is buying decorations. Discounts on decorations are up to 75% or even more. In particular, Christmas decors are very useful because you can still utilize them for the following years or send small gifts to your friends and relatives.

Children Toy

Year-end is a time when many children’s products are at the good prices. Kids will receive Christmas gifts, so the toy retailers also increase sales by 5-10 times compared to that in another time of year.

Travel and Flight Tickets

Travel and Flight Tickets

On Christmas, many consumers seek cheap flights to explore festivals in other countries. Airlines also regularly launch attractive promotions to help travelers a safe trip at the best price points.

In addition, you can also hunt many domestic or international tours with different schedules and low prices thanks to the reduced cost of booking hotels and facilities.

Definitely, enjoying a meaningful trip with relatives and friends during Christmas and getting good price tickets are among the greatest things in the sale off this Christmas season.

Hunt for Famous Brands on 2019 Christmas Sale Days

Hunt for Famous Brands on 2019 Christmas Sale Days

Instead of buying a lot of low quality items, you should spend money buying yourself the necessary items from prestige brands to ensure the high quality and lasting use.

Coming Early from the First Sale Days

Although the sale time for Christmas can last until the end of December, you shouldn’t be subjective to the last minute because premium items at good prices are also attractive to many other people. Therefore, optimizing your purchasing by coming early from the first sale days is a very important note.

Search Christmas Sales On E-commerce Channels

Nowadays, as e-commerce is growing, the shopping at crowded stores is also more limited. Instead, thanks to vast creation of online shopping websites, you will quickly get the products’ information and can shop at home. This, thereby, saves time and money, travel expenses as well as effort to get your favorite items. Smart Christmas sales hunters are those who take advantage of opportunities while skillfully use the technology.


In summary, with the experience of Christmas and year-end sale hunting in this article, we have shared with you extremely useful tips when going shopping. Don’t hesitate to save these experiences to get an effective and fun hunting 2019 Christmas deals!

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