Best Transcription Services In 2021

Best Transcription Services In 2021

A few years ago, audio transcription was a manual, tedious process. Doctors and journalists recorded their notes and conversations on a dictaphone and then sat in front of a computer to type them on the keyboard.

In 2021, there are a number of services that can be effectively used to turn audio into text. All audio transcription services can be roughly divided into three categories. The first is completely computer-controlled and uses existing artificial intelligence and machine learning models to process the conversation. The second – the most expensive one, is when people carry out the whole process. The third is a combination of automatic and manual processing to ensure the best results are achieved.

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List of Transcription Services

The choice of transcription service largely depends on price, computer or human performance, and other built-in capabilities. Below is a brief description of the TOP 5 transcription services in 2021. Carefully study the information below to make the best choice.


Online service Transcriberry takes the first position in the list. This is because the platform offers both automatic and human transcription services. Professional human transcription guarantees 99% accuracy and is completed within 36 hours. If the transcription does not require high accuracy, you can entrust it to an automated system, which does not require additional fees. For this, you need to load the audio file into the system, wait about 30 minutes, and then get a text transcript with 80-95% accuracy. As practice shows, the text can be recognized quite correctly both with automatic and human transcription.

The site provides an automatic saving of finished results. This helps to avoid accidental deletion due to closing a tab or browser.

The service is easy and simple to use, which makes life much easier for journalists, students, and other people. Language support is extensive and includes English, Spanish, French, and a range of other European and Asian languages.

Transcriberry offers competitive pricing for its services while providing high decryption accuracy for customers. One of the platform's main advantages is the ability to service more complex projects of a technical, scientific, or academic focus, in which accuracy is most important.

3Play Media

This service is also widely used for converting audio to text. It offers fast execution of transcription at a reasonable price. The platform has good speech recognition software, so it performs transcription quickly and efficiently. You just need to select an audio file, and 3Play Media will do the rest of the task.

When your files are decrypted, you can download them in any format, such as MS Word, PDF, SRT, CTT, and many others. But you should understand that the result depends entirely on the sound quality of the file. If there is a lot of noise and interference in the audio, the software will not be able to correctly convert the audio to text, and the recognition accuracy will be between 90% and 95%.


Rev offers a full range of audio file decryption services. Simple transcriptions can be performed within a few hours. The accuracy is always high and often reaches 99%.

The service stands out from a number of other similar sites due to the fact that it manages to achieve the perfect balance between the speed of decryption and the number of errors made. Although this platform is inferior in speed to some analogs, it stands out with a much lower error rate.


Temi is a premium automated transcription company. Such well-known editions use the services of this website as the Wall Street Journal, PBS, ESPN, as well as more than 10,000 other clients.

With the help of advanced speech recognition software, the downloaded audio files are converted to text format within 5 minutes. Clear speech with minimal accent is transcribed with an accuracy of 90-95%, provided that there is minimal background noise (almost ideal conditions). The text can be downloaded to a computer in MS Word or PDF format.

Decryption of 1 minute costs 0.10 US dollars or 0.07 euros. At the same time, there are no subscriptions or other monthly payments, which makes this service ideal for users who do not need to transcribe audio to text on a regular basis.


This service for transcribing small fragments of speech works in real-time in a browser or in an Android application. It is ideal for users who are more comfortable talking than typing. All you have to do is press the microphone button and start dictating text directly into the Notepad file on the web page.

In addition, punctuation commands are available. While using the service, changes are saved automatically, and the finished text can be downloaded to a computer, sent by e-mail, or saved to Google Drive. Trint is inferior in speed to other services from the above list and makes a few more mistakes, but at the same time, it is much more affordable.

As you can see, each transcription service has its own pros and cons. Transcriberry stands out brightly against the background of others, as it offers an excellent combination of price, speed, and accuracy of work. Use the services of this platform and get benefits right now!

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