Window Contractor Review: How To Get The Best Windows For Your Home

Window Contractor Review: How To Get The Best Windows For Your Home

Homeownership grew by up to 67.4% in the third quarter of 2020 in the United States, marking a steady growth in the housing sector amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.

The majority of these homeowners consider a home’s exterior and interior aesthetic value as a deal-breaker when building or renovating their homes. Windows, in particular, play a critical role in the enhancement of your home’s exteriors.

Are you looking for ideas for windows? Whether you are building your home from scratch or renovating your exteriors. Finding windows that suit your needs is essential.

Working with a window contractor who understands the different types of windows can help you make the best decisions as you look forward to improving your home’s curb appeal.

Are you wondering how to get the best windows for your home? Keep reading to learn more.

Consider the Different Kinds of Materials

When searching for the best windows, you need to understand the different types of materials. In the past, most people went for wood when replacing or installing windows; however, this has changed over time.

Today, there's more focus on other more advanced options. Vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum are some of the most common materials for windows today. When you compare each of these materials, there’re specific benefits you can draw from each kind:


Fiberglass windows are some of the most robust materials you can consider in the market. Beyond the aesthetic value, fiberglass adds robustness and is the best deal in areas prone to wind and storms.


On the other hand, aluminum is ideal for homeowners looking to achieve design flexibility in their windows. When looking for windows for your house, this material offers you both affordability and durability. A remodeling contractor can provide you with more information on the benefits of aluminum.


Vinyl windows have excellent thermal performance ratings. Did you know that the average annual energy consumption for residential utility in the United States is close to 10649 kWh? Vinyl windows play an essential role in minimizing the extent of energy loss in your home.

Compared to other options, vinyl windows can help you save on energy. If you want a type of window material that ensures the highest levels of affordability and durability, then vinyl windows should be your best bet.

The Window Design

How many windows design do you know? Before you proceed with window installation, you need to consider advice from a window contractor on the best designs.

Here’re some of the common designs:

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are some of the more common options today. This type of window has a lower inside sash that slides up, allowing the windows to slide up and down. Double-hung windows are some of the easiest to clean, given the ease with which they tilt.

Most double-hung windows are good at keeping out cold air and water. As such, these types of double-hung windows are the best options in areas that are chilly and windy. Your window contractor can help you measure the level of trim that best fits the exact shimming.

Awning-Style Windows

These windows have a hinge at the top and open outward. When you install awning-style windows, the sash presses against the frame. This allows the windows to close tightly, preventing the loss of energy.

Awning windows have a top and open outward, which allows the window to open from the bottom. The windows allow for adequate ventilation, especially during summer. You also get adequate protection from the rain.

If you're looking to combine privacy on your large stationary windows with safety, then awning style windows are your best bet.

Casement-Style Windows

Casements have hinges that resemble doors. The windows open up like doors, which open up from the side.

The option can either be top-opening casements or a cranking knob. The hinges have upright sides, which make up the frames.

The sash and sashes help ensure that the windows can open and close with ease. Depending on the window contractors you work with, casement windows may be more expensive than other options.

Even so, when opened, casement windows present quality ventilation and easy cleaning. The fact that casement windows can hold tight to the hinges means that you don't need to worry about the house's energy loss.

Fixed Windows

The other typical design, when considering windows for your home, are the fixed windows. If your goal is to achieve ventilation instead of lighting, then fixed windows should be your first option. Your window contractor can help you determine if you should consider decorative glass accents or other unusual accents.

If you wish to achieve maximum lighting for your home, it might be time to consider fixed windows. The best part is that these windows are decorative and can help enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Hopper-Style Windows

The hopper-style windows are the opposite of the awning windows when it comes to design. The windows have a hinge at the bottom and can open either inward or outward. The hoper-style windows are popular for basements, given that they can tilt and hinge from the top into the room.

Hopper windows look like small picture openings. For most homes, these windows also include screens, which help magnify light into the rooms. The only downside to this option is that the windows cannot fit in an upside-down setting due to its impact on normal drainage.

Single-Hung Windows

The single-hung windows look more like double-hung openings. However, only the bottom sash moves in the case of single-hung windows. The single-hung windows have a seal that ensures that cold and water stay away from your house.

Arched Windows

Arched windows have rounded tops. The tops help add that architectural essence to your home. The only difference is that most arched windows don’t close or open, as other windows would do.

If you are looking for the best option for your residential projects, then arched windows will work wonders.

Consider the Kind of Windows You Have

When looking for the best windows for your home, you need to consider the kind of windows in your home. In some cases, homeowners change the windows at home due to the recurrence of energy bills. If you have been dealing with high energy bills, it may be time to consider replacement with more options that are more energy efficient.

If your home has to crank handle-operated tilting styles, then you might consider the possible downsides before replacing.

For instance, you need to consider the extent of physical exertion for each option before proceeding with the replacement. Depending on the underlying season and the kind of windows you have, you can choose the option that best fits your needs.

Most people replace their windows with the aim of upgrading. If this is you, you may consider going for ultra-modern options that combine energy efficiency with better lighting.

Some homeowners change their home's windows to enhance the ease of use. In such cases, you may consider designs or styles that are easy to open and close.

On the same note, if weather elements have hit your current windows hard, then you may consider impact windows to help you deal with instances of high impact from wind or rain.


Trusted window contractors always tell you in advance the actual cost of replacing or installing specific kinds of windows. When looking for your home’s best window options, factors such as material, type, and size can affect the windows' cost. Before deciding on the kind of windows to consider, think about the cost.

Quality is the first thing that has a significant impact on cost. It would be best to go for a window with all the quality and durability tests to qualify its cost. However, such windows often tend to be more expensive compared to other types of windows.

Windows that demonstrate an aspect of water resistance or a general ability to resist most destructive weather elements tend to be more expensive. It would help to look beyond just the cost when buying a window. Ensure that you assess such windows vis-à-vis the quality you’ll likely derive from the installation.

The kind of material used to make the windows affects the cost of a window. All you need is to discuss the various materials with the window contractor before spending an arm and a leg on the specific options. It's okay to spend a little more on a specific material if you are sure that you are getting value for the windows.

Talk to Your Window Contractor Today

Windows are an essential part of any home. Apart from enhancing safety, windows exemplify lighting, ensure efficient use of energy, and introduce privacy. When looking for the best windows for your home, you need to consider a few issues that matter.

Cost, material, design, and the types of existing windows all matter when making the choice. A window contractor who understands these factors can help you decide on the kind of windows that best suit your preferences.

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