Best WooCommerce Dropshipping Plugins For Your Store

Best WooCommerce Dropshipping Plugins For Your Store

1. AliDropship

  • Automates the whole drop shipping process
  • Provides built-in photo editing software to remove watermarks and logos from the pictures of imported products
  • Only limited to one website per license


2. WooDropship

  • similar to the AliDropship Woo plugin
  • offers a copy-paste feature through which you can copy the details of the customer and paste them on the manufacturer’s website
  • 7-day trial available


3. Dropified (Freemium)

  • Imports products and manages them on your site and fulfils them without intervention
  • Available for free for 500 products and 50 orders per month


4. YouDroop

  • Products can be imported from multiple manufacturers including AliExpress
  • Fulfils customer orders automatically
  • Three packages starting from €59 per month


5. DropshipMe

  • Handpicked 50,000+ best selling drop shipping products on AliExpress
  • Professionally edited titles, descriptions and images
  • A recommended price on each product
  • You can add these products to your AliExpress WooCommerce store in one click


What Makes For A Good Dropshipping Product?

While you’ll find some stores that sell a little bit of everything, most successful dropshipping stores pick one specific product niche and focus their efforts there.

So…how do you pick your niche? What’s a good product to dropship?

Basically, you’re looking for products that:

  • Are popular enough that people are looking for them, but not so popular that you’re drowning in competition
  • Have a price that gives you enough margin to make sense

Yeah – sounds simple enough in a two bullet list, but it’s going to take some research to find the winner.

If this is your first dropshipping store, we’re a big proponent of trying to sell what you know. While it’s not a requirement that you’re familiar with your niche, it will make things a lot easier, especially on your first go-round.

You’ll have insights that other people don’t have, which can help you understand which products people need.

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