5 Of The Best Work Boots You Need Today

5 Of The Best Work Boots You Need Today

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Don't just pick up any old work boots, check out this list of five of the best work boots on the market so you get the best deal and longest lasting results.

Owning the right pair of shoes is important, but choosing the best work boots for your job is even more important. Work boots depend on your profession and the expectations of a workday. The choice doesn't have to be a complicated one, but you should feel comfortable and secure at all times.

If you're having trouble choosing the best work boots for your job, don't worry. This short guide is going to walk you through the importance of work boots depending on your job.

1. Timberland PRO Pitboss

Timberland is a recognizable name you're familiar with in the shoe industry. The company has been around for decades and is constantly perfecting their boot lineup. The PRO Pitboss is more of the same from Timberland—reliability. To offer a high degree of protection, Timberland has enforced the boot with a steel toe and padded collars built for the workplace. These additions prevent wear and tear at the workplace but don't fall behind in comfortability.

Keep your blisters at bay from day one.

2. Justin Wyoming WP

Another steel-toed work boots perfect for the workplace, the Justin Wyoming WP is designed with a J-Flex Flexible Comfort System. This system is again focused on comfort on the inside with armor-like protection on the outside. The boots also have additional support thanks to the Worker II rubber outsole made to maintain an individual's stability and power on all surfaces.

These bad boys are also ASTM electrical hazard rated to protect from open electrical currents up to 18,000 volts.

3. CAT Second Shift ST

Caterpillar is known for more than heavy equipment. The company also specializes in producing high-quality work boots. These are one of the best work boots for men or any individual working with heavy items/ construction sites. They're oil-resistant and offer a steel shank insole to keep you from losing your balance on various terrains.

You'll want to take the time to break in these boots for a couple of days before wearing them on the job site.

4. BNG Rubber Best Work Boots

Claiming to offer superior protection, Bulk Nitrile Gloves (BNG) has a unique spin compared to the other work boots so far. Rubber boots offer things standard work boots can’t. There are dozens of waterproof boots on the market, but rubber boots are superior in protecting against water, chemicals, oil, and are extremely puncture resistant.

These rubber work boots are skid-resistant, built with a seamless structure to prevent cracking, and have a special feature for ankle support.

5. KEEN Utility Pittsburg

Separating themselves from the traditional pack, Keen resembles a hiking boot with the workplace in mind. These are some of the best work boots for women because of their build. Some individuals may find themselves annoyed with the higher ankle build. These boots still have a steel hood and a metatomical footbed design. This design cradles the curves of your feet to maximize comfort.

You’ll be glad you opted for a durable, low profile, and comfortable option.

Choose the Boots for You

Ultimately the decision on the best work boots comes down to the individual. Your workplace determines what you’re looking for in a boot. Make sure you’re getting the best work boot 2020 has to offer. To find more information on the things you like, you need to do the research. That’s where our website comes in. Our blogs are updated daily to ensure you’re getting quality information to make the right decision.

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