BestSelf Co’s Self Journal Review – Become The Best Version Of Yourself With This Highly Underrated Planner

BestSelf Co’s Self Journal Review – Become The Best Version Of Yourself With This Highly Underrated Planner


Like as other hardbound notebooks, Self Journal has simple hardcover in neutral color, stiched binding and elastic brand to keep it closed.It has a premium feel in your hands that makes you want to pick it up.

It come with a gift wrap box with a wall calendar, guidebook and attachable pen loop

Bestself’s goal planner helps you identify your goals and then break them down into manageable chunks. If you follow the SELF Journal to completion, you will take daily action toward your goall. That means that at the end of 13 weaks, so will progress. For this reason, I think planner would make a good companion to your regular day to day planner or use it to place your everyday planner when you’re working on a big project.


It all seems a bit overdone for a journal that is only supposed to be used for 13 weeks. However, I believe it creates an experience that makes you more likely to stick to using it every day. That’s important if you want to reach your goals.

A Monthly Overview.

Get an overall picture of the month’s schedule by seeing it unfold across two pages. The space is perfect for recording appointments, birthdays, pay dates, get-togethers with family and friends, and project deadlines.

This format complements the daily and weekly options provided by the planner.

Weekly Check-in

There is a one-page layout for each of the 13 weeks, where you can track your habits, rate how happy you were, and record your wins and lessons learned. These let you frequently course correct, and when you’re finished, you can review your journey at a glance.

Because this journal is undated, the week review pages are in front of the daily pages section. That means you have to mark them somehow to return to them, and you also have to schedule time on you calendar to complete them. I forgot to use them for the first couple weeks. The daily habit tracking is on the weekly page, so I often forgot to use that, as well.

Update 12/31/2107: I was glad that the weekly review pages were grouped up when it came time to do my annual review. Instead of flipping through the whole book, I was able to get just the highlights from the weekly pages.


Next are the monthly calendars all clustered together at the front of the planner.

Week starts on whatever day of the week you like. Plus there are there are no dates on the monthly calendar so you can start using it at anytime during the year.

best self co planner review monthly calendar 2 page undated you choose start month weekly overview daily day to a page schedule


Different to most daily planners, the Best Self Planner has 2 pages to plan each day
best self co journal planner review schedule 6am 2 pages per day undated 1 page weekly overview
self journal planner review starts 6am dot grid productivity projects goals pros and cons video
The schedule runs from 6am to 9pm which 2 lines for each hour if you wanted to plan half hourly. Or if you’re like me and don’t to plan by the hour, you could use this as a numbered priority to do list instead.
self journal planner review undated
self journal planner review dot grid hardbound notebook undated daily 2 days per page weekly overview daily review
self journal productivity planner review daily 2 days per page minimalist gender neutral

At the back of the planner is a page signifying the end. I found it odd that it didn’t include some sort of review pages, it just jumps straight into the dot grid notes pages at the back.
self journal best self co review productivity goals 13 week roadmap undated plan
There are 14 dot grid notes pages at the back of the planner. Some are perforated if you want to tear them out and add them to your normal daily planner, pinboard etc.
self journal planner review dot grid hardbound notebook undated daily 2 days per page weekly overview


You don’t need any prior experience with setting goals or with productivity practices.
It breaks down your goal into simple, methodical actions to get you to your goal in 1-3 hours per day.
Productivity best practices are implemented through features such as daily gratitude and habit tracking sections.
Cloth binding and heavy pages give it a premium feel that encourages you to use it daily.
Undated pages let you pick up after an absence.
There is a community of helpful journal users.


The setup time is long compared to a traditional weekly agenda.
The journal doesn’t lay flat opened to your daily page.
Only one bookmark, and no tabs, so you need to mark your goal, monthly and weekly pages for quick reference.


Although you’re job is, what your current stress levels are at, this is one of those tools that can help improve your life from terrible to a little less terrible or even great to a little more great. This planner would be ideal if you need a lot of space to plan your day as it has 2 pages compared to the usual 1. It would also make a good project planner that you can stop / start using at your own pace as it’s undated. It doesn’t take any special skills or beliefs, simply to show up and write what’s on your mind. So in saying this, I can absolutely recommend to anyone wanting to find a little more productivity or clarity in their day to day lives, go check out the Best Self Journal now!

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