BestSelf Co’s Self Journal Review

BestSelf Co’s Self Journal Review


BestSelt Co’s Self Journal where specialize in building a planner high-quality done-for-you daily tasks, notable wins, outstanding quote, personalized gratitude lists, and pen holder serves as a tool for change. BestSelf Co’s SELF Journal encourages its users to aim high and get clear about their dreams. With felt bookmarks, wall calendar, and rituals card, this undated hardback planner helps men and women become highly organized, better versions of themselves.

The Best Self Journal, launched via Kickstarter in 2015, is designed to help you set and achieve your goals by identifying its features, listing its pros and cons, and providing feedback from current customers using the planning system daily. The notebook covers thirteen weeks, each week or each day, you can track your progress toward your goals, and reflect on how you’re doing. By that way, you can determine its value in your own daily routine.

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2.Outstanding features that make people love BestSelt Co’s Self Journal

A Customized 13-Week Layout.

The SELF Journal is different from most planners. It helps you focus on one to three top goals that you have for a 13 week period. You can start planning anytime with this format. You don’t need to begin in January the way dated planners require you to. It is like a daily workbook, and each page incorporates productivity best practices. That allows anyone to make progress on their goals, even if they have never learned about productivity

A Monthly Overview.

Get an overall picture of the month’s schedule by seeing it unfold across two pages. That could be good for people with busy lives and kids at home because you can quickly adjust your day’s tasks.
This format complements the daily and weekly options provided by the planner.

Time-Blocking for Each Day.

Plan out each hour with great ease. This option allows you to know how your day will unfold by helping you keep track of important meetings, tasks, and projects.BestSelf Co. The SELF Journal – 2019 Planner and Appointment Notebook – Achieve Goals – Increase Productivity and Happiness – Undated Hardcover- Navy
You’ll have an hour-by-hour account of how you spent your day.

A Special Section Meant for Recording Gratitude.

There is no need to keep a separate gratitude journal. You can record things you’re thankful for in your planner while updating your schedule.

Reflecting on the things that are the most important to you helps motivate you to meet your goals despite difficulties.
With a habit tracking option built into the system, it’s possible to stay on course based on your will to succeed. You’ll see how well you’re meeting your goals so you can adjust them accordingly.

Happiness Tracking Options.

Having a concrete reminder of your moods throughout the week allows you to seek more of the good stuff that makes you happy. By identifying what is working in your life, you can rearrange your time and devote your resources to pursuing the happiness inducers.

You’ll have a written account about what took place on your best days of the year.

Pages for Reflecting Upon the Present Moment.

Note the things that are working in your life and the improvements you can make to your current schedule. There are pages devoted to the present moment for reflection and motivation. This feature has a journaling component to it.

Removable Pages for Jotting Down Notes and Recording Your Best Ideas.
Keep your incredible ideas in one place. Take them out of the planner and review them whenever you need to get clear about what you’re trying to achieve. You can even post the pages with the wall calendar you receive when you buy the planning system for yourself.

3.Customers’ Reviews about BestSelt Co’s Self Journal

”I love this stuff. Been a 7 Habits guys for a long time. I like the 13 week chunk. Long enough to build a habit, but short enough to have a visible deadline.” Dave

”Thanks, I’m interested to know how the 13-week/quarterly planning works out for you. In case you didn’t see it, I recently posted an article about the quarterly planning process at a high level”- Amber

”Have you tried the Day Designer Planner by Whitney English? I’m currently torn between the Day Desinger and the Bujo. I’ll have to check out the SELF journal now”- Ingrid

”I haven’t tried the Day Designer, though it comes up in all the best-of lists. What do you like about it?”- Amber

”I really liked it, it was nice to have everything organized, although my favorite part was the 3 things to be thankful for. Although, I needed more room for random weekend to-do lists and it was heavy.
The Bujo needs some planning, perhaps we could make our own journal to sell”-Ingrid

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