Big Life Journal Best Sellers

Big Life Journal Best Sellers

Big Life Journal for Kids (ages 7-10)

With over 200 pages, this book is an useful tool for children to develop strong social and emotional learning and growth mindset skills. Thanks to inspiring stories, colorful illustrations, and engaging guided activities, children will learn meaningful lessons in a nature & exciting way.

Big Life Journal for Tweens/Teens (ages 11+)

This book includes 5 chapters (It All Starts Here, Exploring You,
Dreaming Up Your Life,
From Dreams to Reality,
The Key to Success) covering
160 pages of high-quality paper. Big Life Journey with teen edition will help children discover the power of their mindset & live positively & purposefully.

Challenges Kit PDF (ages 5-12)

Designed for various learning areas including Growth Mindset, Self-Love, Positivity, Gratitude, Friendship, the book helps people develop comprehensively about intellect and good living. The kids can practice growth mindset skills, cultivate kindness, self-love, and develop positive friendships

Resilience Kit PDF (ages 5-11)

This is designed as a collection of printable worksheets, posters, activities, and coloring pages that help children develop grit, resilience, and perseverance. Thanks to experiencing with this kit, your children may learn how to cope in spite of setbacks, change the mistake to the opportunity to grow and bravely face with difficulties.

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