Blind Dates: Is This Actually A Thing Nowadays?

Blind Dates: Is This Actually A Thing Nowadays?

Once upon a time, blind dates were relatively commonplace. People might be paired off by mutual friends who would arrange a get-together, with promises that the respective parties involved were totally attractive or ‘just your type.’ In many instances, they proved to be neither of those descriptions, leading to awkward moments when the blind daters met and discovered zero attraction. Other liaisons were arranged via ‘lonely hearts’ columns in magazines – in many ways the predecessor of the modern online dating websites! But unlike today’s equivalent, the singles involved had no way of knowing anything about the looks or personality of whoever they were going to meet for this ‘blind date.’ (Blind being the operative word, as sometimes these hookups required the candidates to take some step to identify themselves at the agreed meeting point). Is there any sort of contemporary equivalent to that so-called blind date scenario?

The advent of online relationships

Digital matchmaking has removed the ‘blind’ aspect of dating, introducing a communication platform where individuals can spend some time checking out prospective partners – they just log in to a one-night stand site, for example, and start their hunt. As well as poring over the selection of eye-catching photographs, you can examine the fine print presented in the profile. After all, you wouldn’t purchase some item across the Internet before reading a selection of typical product reviews, and the same criteria exist for dating. Individuals are encouraged to develop chemistry before arranging a date in the offline world by engaging in flirty conversations.

In the modern age, it is becoming increasingly difficult to classify anything as a blind date. Anyone using the Internet regularly is entering an environment where it is possible to find out so much about the person at the other end of their communications. Online dating sites are geared towards providing an atmosphere conducive to open and amicable connections.

Profiling your future date

The moment you sign up for one of these services, you can start browsing through the profiles of the other members, often finding out candid information about their motivations and desires. When you first join an online matchmaking service, you will be encouraged to present a version of yourself to the outside world that shows you in your most appealing light.

Because these outlets have become extremely popular, it has become even more crucial to stand out from the crowd. If you are seeking a successful relationship online, much of your ability to attract other singles is dependent on the strength of the photos you choose to upload.

Positive images

Newcomers should avoid taking selfies or screenshots from their social media accounts and concentrate on uploading appealing photographs. Coming across a well-framed portrait with an engaging smile will encourage other site members to want to get to know you better. The optimum way to achieve this is avoiding the urge to present ‘fun images,’ where you are fooling around or playing to the lens. Instead, singles are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression if this profile image is taken with a high-definition camera. You should also avoid background distractions that will divert anyone’s attention away from the central focus of this profile photograph: you.

Instant attraction

In terms of connecting with a compatible individual, much of the chemistry involved is generated by that first impression. Many online dating sites make it even easier to home in on the individuals you find most attractive by having introduced the functionality to ‘swipe right’ to indicate interest in someone or ‘left’ to dismiss them. If you are seeking a more meaningful relationship than ‘no strings attached’ encounters based on mutual physical attraction, you can easily dig deeper into the online dating profiles of any of the other members.

Consigning blind dates to the past

People sometimes found themselves arranging a get-together with someone they met in a bar or club at the weekend. If there was alcohol involved, their recollections might be hazy, so the subsequent meeting might well be classified as a blind date! But forging a connection with someone online allows you to discover so much about a person. As well as gaining an impression of what they look like, you can unlock all the hobbies and interests you have in common.

Dating sites should only ever be seen as an introductory platform. They provide a welcoming environment where members can contact strangers but quickly become friends or more. But when the time comes to progress any connection to the next level, it would always make sense to have one eye on getting together in the real world. When the time comes for you to socialize in a convenient location, you will already have gleaned so much information about your date’s background, motivations, and the passions you have in common that it won’t seem like a blind date at all.

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