Bonsai Boy Of New York Reviews: Wonderful Trees

Bonsai Boy Of New York Reviews: Wonderful Trees

About Bonsai Boy of New York

Bonsai Boy of New York is a reliable supplier for premium bonsai trees at discounted prices. They ship their bonsai trees nation-wide and provide all the support and services necessary to make your gift-giving unique and effortless.

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Bonsai Boy of New York grow a huge assortment of bonsai trees. Each of the pictured bonsai trees from the above sample categories includes information on the tree’s common and botanical name, approximate age and height as well as the price.

To enhance the beauty of your bonsai, each of their premium trees is potted in a glazed, imported, proportionate, ceramic container which includes decorative landscape pebbles and a multi-colored, textured rock accessory. Their custom bonsai soil mix has been developed over the years to make sure good water retention, drainage and nutrition absorbing capacity. All of their established bonsai trees are shipped with easy-to-follow care instructions and carefully wrapped and securely packaged so that they arrive quickly and in excellent condition.

From their private collection they are happy to make available bonsai trees from the finest selection of specimen trees in the country. they provide an extensive variety of aged trees which have been carefully selected, grown and maintained under optimum greenhouse conditions at very affordable prices. These established indoor and outdoor specimens can be a unique extension of your bonsai collection or a cherished gift to be passed on.

The bonsai trees listed in our “One-of-a-Kind” pages (SKU item numbers that begin with the letter “K”) tend to be older and more expensive than the trees listed elsewhere in our catalog. When you order a tree from this category, you will receive the same tree as in the image. When ordering a tree from elsewhere in their catalog, the tree that you receive will be substantially similar to the image.

Customer reviews

Published by Kelly Allen

I have purchased two bonsai’s and both are absolutely gorgeous! One was a Flowering Cherry and the newest is a Flowering Plum. Both were packaged wonderfully and arrived in a few days. We followed all of the instructions and today the Cherry produced it’s first fruit! Can’t wait to see what the Plum has to offer…

Published by Chris Roundy

Have to give a big thumbs up to the owners/operators of this business I have ordered many things on line but never live trees.Well the packing and shipping were A+++ never saw such care in packing an item,The tress themselves are outstanding!! ..true Bonsai well shaped well groomed and nice curves could not have asked for more.You have to know your not getting the exact tree pictured but there darn close or in my case nicer .I will DEFINITELY be ordering more from BBNY,AS a matter of fact going to the website right now to buy some more >THANKS TO ALL WHO WORK HERE you make buying from you easy!! I highly recommend this company for all your Bonsai needs..Thanks again..A lifelong customer.

Published by Bernard Chenault

I am pleased with the services that I received from your company. My trees are beautiful and look really nice. I love my Chinese Elm Tree and my girlfriend loves the Fettician Tee. I will do business again!

Published by Sue Loberger

I ordered one of these trees, and it is stunning. The packaging was expanding foam which protected it in shipping and is easily removed. The green or the tree looks natural. It’s a welcome addition to my house.

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