The Best Cake For The Party

The Best Cake For The Party

The party is not complete without a cake. Can you imagine that it is a party without the cake, there is a big no? It is not wrong to celebrate several occasions with your loved ones and cake is a popular way to do so. Put the usual cake recipes aside and try some other new and easy ideas to lead the way. From the classic cakes to the decorated and towering cakes, there are many ways through which you can make the cake in a delightful method. You don’t have to be the perfect baker to pull off these amazing party cake ideas.

All these cakes have versatile recipes. If the guest of the party is on the traditional side of the cake preferences than go for the chocolate or vanilla cake. If they favor the cream then try out the ice cream cake that is a decent choice for a party cake. You can buy "ready cakes" and also make homemade cakes for the party. The cake made in the home shows a thoughtful gesture towards the guest that you have put the effort for them and make the best party cake for them. The list for some of the best party cakes is stated below. Check them and then made the right choice for the party cake.  


White Mountain layer cake

Previously the white cake is the most preferred choice for the party cakes but now the White Mountain layer cake has taken its place. The cake is rich and velvety with creaminess and heady with vanilla. It is very fluffy and the people will enjoy eating this cake. The secret ingredient is the virgin coconut oil which enhances the aroma of the vanilla and butter. Make the topping with the silky Marshmallow buttercream to make it look more appealing. 

Mojito cake

The cocktail cakes are great for such guests who enjoy a tipple. The cocktail-inspired foods like pina colada tarts and dirty martini butter are among the liked one but the winner is Mojito cake. Rum and mint-infused sugar syrup are brushed over the light sponges and then covered it with the buttercream.

Chocolate Fudge cake

This cake has one of the reliable recipes that you can follow to make the party cake. The fudge icing is made up of simple butter, dark chocolate and icing sugar. The cake will be ready in 45 minutes and you can present it to your party guests. The White fudge cake can also be made for the party but the people mostly like the chocolate fudge cake. Chocolate drips can also be tried for the cake topping. The chocolate should be poured over the cake in pretty patterns. It is a great choice for chocoholic friends.

Banoffee Cake

The party guest will love this tropical twist on a retro dessert. The cake contains the bananas, creamy caramel buttercream. Then make the cake topping with the caramelized bananas for the extra indulgence. Take the banana cake and make the banoffee pie from it.  

Ice cream cake

Whether you are going for the easy cake recipe such as the white chocolate or strawberry ice cream cake or tricky, ice-cream is always considered as the welcome addition to the layered cakes. The cake is very easy to make, you have to follow the proper recipe and you will be amazed to see the results. But one thing to consider, it will melt in time so make sure to bring the cake when it’s time to eat. You can choose the flavors depending upon the likeliness of the guest of the party. Pick pistachio, vanilla ice cream or strawberry clotted cream, or any other flavor of ice-cream.

Chocolate and vanilla cupcake

Cupcakes took the same time to cooks as the sponges do and do not take much time to cool. It is the best choice when you have only a little time left to arrange the party. The chocolate and vanilla cupcakes are simple and everyone will love them. There are varieties of options that you can select for the cupcake such as coffee, walnut, frosted lemon, raspberry, chocolate brownie, matcha cupcakes, sticky honey, blackberry, and chocolate cupcakes.

Red Velvet Cake

The Red Velvet Cake is one of the best cakes liked by the people. So if you are confused to make the perfect choice of cake for the party, then go for a red velvet cake. The cake not only looks good but it also satisfies your taste buds. Usually, cream cheese frosting is used on the red velvet cake. Using preparing this cake, classic whipped cream frosting and it will create balanced sweetness and people will love to eat it.

Ombre cake

Four sponges with the milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and caramel give the gradient shading to this cake. Add three different ganache frostings and mix them properly to have a smooth texture. To enhance the presentation of the cake, different natural colors and flavorings can be used. If you are following any theme for the party, then you can easily customize the omber cake according to it. This will make your party the best thing you have arranged.

Chocolate Malteser cake

The cake is loved by both children and adults and it tastes so delicious. Chiffon cake is covered in the chocolate icing and acts as an adhesive to hold the large bags of Malteser. People will remember this cake and it is the perfect choice for a party. The combination of chocolate and malt works well with the sponge.

Strawberry lemon cake

This cake is the best for a party when the strawberries are in season. It is so delicious and the taste of strawberry adds an extra touch to the cake. This cake is not for everyday eat, if you are planning to arrange the party and confused about the choice of the cake then choose the strawberry lemon cake and make the menu of the party more wonderful. It is worth for a special occasion.

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