Reviews Of Car Accessories For Your Dog's Safety

Reviews Of Car Accessories For Your Dog's Safety

Dogs in the car: what to consider during transport. Dogs also have the right to a safe journey. When transporting dogs in the car, drivers should consider a few things so as not to endanger themselves, other passengers, and there are some must-have products for the animal. There are several ways of securing this!

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Whether to the veterinarian or when going on vacation: If the dog should or must go in the car, there are a few things to consider when transporting. It is not enough just to hold the car door open and let the four-legged friend jump in. From a purely legal point of view, the animals are considered cargo and must be secured accordingly during the journey. According to the Road Traffic Regulations, anyone who transports their dog in the car is obliged to "stow and secure the dog, i.e. the load, in such a way that they do not slip, fall over, roll back and forth even when braking hard or a sudden compensatory movement, can fall down or generate avoidable noise ". Otherwise, there is a fine of 35 Dollars. A threat is even punished with 60 Dollars and a point in Chicago. But how do dog owners properly secure their four-legged friends when driving together? We present the most common systems for the safe transport of dogs in the car, provide information about the crash test results of the ADAC and show the advantages and disadvantages of the various options.


Transport boxes made of metal or plastic are one way of taking dogs in the car. Depending on the model and size, transport boxes can be placed in the footwell of the front passenger seat and in the trunk. A clear advantage of this transport option: the animals cannot disturb the driver and cannot hinder rescue workers in the event of an accident because they want to protect their owner. The disadvantage: especially large models take up a lot of space in the interior or trunk. To ensure safe transport, large models must also be secured with load compartment dividers or belts. In older vehicles in particular, the strength of the seat backrests is often not sufficient to catch the transport box if it slips or skids. When buying, you should take care that the four-legged friend has enough space to lie and sit in it and can turn. The construction should also ensure adequate air exchange. Otherwise, the animals can quickly become too hot, especially when being transported in the footwell. For dogs, who tend to be restless during car journeys, it can also be an advantage if the box does not allow the animal to see the outside. Before the first drive, the dog should be used to the transport box. Some models are also suitable as a sleeping place for the dog in your own four walls. The advantage here: If the animal also sleeps in the crate at home, it is in the usual environment during transport in the car, which can reduce the dog's nervousness under certain circumstances. The cost of dog transport boxes is usually between 40 and 400 Dollars. In conjunction with a partition grille for the trunk, the transport box is the safest transport option for dogs in the car.


Special seat belts or seat protectors for dogs, which are particularly easy to handle, are also suitable for transporting dogs in the car. The advantage of this transport option: the four-legged friend is close to his caregivers. In the best case, when buying, the choice should fall on a model with a fixed fastener and wide and padded straps so that the load on the dog's chest remains as low as possible. The correct belt length also plays an important role: if the belt is too long, the animal has a lot of freedom of movement and could disturb the driver or be thrown through the vehicle in the event of an accident. If the seat belts are too short, however, the animal has no way of moving and therefore feels uncomfortable. Under no circumstances may seat belts for the transport of dogs in the car be attached to the collar of the four-legged friend: In the worst case, this could lead to strangulation and serious neck injuries. Therefore, the use of a chest strap or harness in conjunction with seat belts is essential for the safe transportation of dogs in the car. 

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Stable dividing nets or grids for the trunk enable dogs to be transported safely in the car - especially in combo models. Then the animals cannot disturb the driver and there is no additional risk of injury to the occupants. Suitable models range from the roof area to the floor of the cargo area and have been specially adapted for the respective vehicle model. In addition, dog owners should pay attention to a stable anchor when buying. In vehicles with a foldable rear seat backrest, the cost of a partition for the safe transport of dogs in the car is usually between 150 and 350 euros. They can often be installed precisely and easily. In connection with a transport box, this possibility of securing is the safest.


There are special, sometimes crash-tested animal safety seats for transporting smaller dogs in the car. Depending on the model, they can be fastened with the seat belt or to the Isofix anchorages in the rear seat. Although the animal must be accustomed to the limited freedom of movement, this means of transport then offers great security for people and four-legged friends, since the dog cannot be thrown by the car. The plastic shell also supports the animals well during driving maneuvers. Further advantages: The vehicle is not heavily soiled and, depending on the system, the dog can also use the safety seat as a place to sleep - for example in holiday accommodation.

These are the best car accessories which can help you in saving your car as well as your dog too

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