Catherine Zeta-Jones Takes A Walk Down Memory Lane With Throwback 'Do

Catherine Zeta-Jones Takes A Walk Down Memory Lane With Throwback 'Do

Hollywood stalwart Catherine Zeta-Jones never ceases to dazzle both on and off the screen. But the actress recently gave fans a fun blast from the past, dropping a must-see throwback pic from over a decade ago.

Sharing the photo to Instagram while reminiscing about her 2009 Tony win, Catherine looked equally glam as she rocked a form-fitting turquoise gown. Her statuesque frame was on full display. However, it was her hair that really transported viewers back in time.

Gone were Catherine's signature long raven locks. Instead, she sported blunt bangs and a slightly darker auburn hue - a bold look that somehow made her doe eyes pop even more. Truth be told, I don't think I've ever seen the actress with bangs before! She totally pulls it off though.

Always one to experiment with her style, Catherine proves she can rock any 'do. These days, her hair is longer and darker once more. But it was fun to glimpse her daring side from years past. The 53-year-old still looks as stunning as ever.

Clearly proud of her Tony win so many moons ago, Catherine gave fans a treat by digging into the archives. It's clear she hasn't lost her flair for fashion or taking risks with her appearance. Even over a decade later, she wears this retro 'do with confidence. Catherine Zeta-Jones, the forever chameleon - brava for making me reminisce!

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