How To Check Someone’s Instagram Story Viewer Anonymously?

How To Check Someone’s Instagram Story Viewer Anonymously?

In the modern world, Instagram is a great source of information, but if you want to learn about someone’s profile and not show your face, you should know that it is impossible to configure an anonymous view of Stories on Instagram itself, but if you use special services and applications, you can look up someone’s profile in secret, and the account owner will never know who it was or if someone was on his page. If you don’t tell him yourself.

Description: In this article, we will know the advantages and benefits of applications that allow you to view anonymously the profile of a person you are interested in, in short, Instagram story viewer.  At the end of the article is given a small FAQ with questions that are asked most often.

View insta stories without logging in

It’s interesting to know who’s watching our profiles, and the usual publications don’t give us that kind of information. But sometimes circumstances force us to remain secretive and help comes with special applications designed to view Instagram Stories anonymously.

It is important to know: You don’t need an account. You do not need your own profile on this social network. You can always view the user feed without needing to log in or install a mobile application.

With the advent of Instagram stories, people almost stopped hiding their private lives. Now it is much easier to know who did what and when, and even if the profile is closed - you can use a special application and experience the story. You can browse Instagram stories without logging into your Instagram account, which guarantees your safety.

How to watch Instagram Stories anonymously

Daily stories on Instagram are used by millions of people, and it’s one thing to follow the lives of stars, bloggers, and just interesting accounts. We don’t care if these profiles find out we’re looking at them. What do you do if you want to watch someone else’s story and not be noticed? Like, competitors, enemies, or former friends/girlfriends?

You can use Glassagram - it is a new Instagram story viewer for the stalker installation that will help you to watch stories, track the location of the stalker, see hidden likes and videos. With the Glassagram application, it will be much easier to follow the selected profile anonymously on Instagram.

With this spy app, you have the ability to have full access to even a closed Instagram account. If your target device is using Android OS, you have the opportunity to get all the information you need in the form of screenshots (likes, comments, direct messages, posts, stories, etc.)

Benefits of Instagram Story Viewer Glassagram.

The full range of facilities available:

- view private account (you get full access to the account and the actions it does, even if the user decided to close Instagram);

- video tracker (IGTV, video);

- direct messages viewer (you will be able to read direct messages and track all incoming requests);

- likes viewer (you will be able to watch likes even if the user chose to hide them);

- location tracker (you can see the locations under the photo);

- stories watching (besides the fact that you can watch stories, you can see the reactions and the answers to them);

- compatibility with Android OS (on your device will send screenshots of all actions that the account will perform)

It is important to know that all features of the application will be available after the purchase of the Premium Subscription.

Features of using Instagram Story Viewer Glassagram.

The main feature of this Instagram story viewer is that you keep complete anonymity and the user will never know that you follow his stories, live broadcasts, photos, likes, anonymously read comments and monitor his subscribers. You don’t have to worry about your activity being noticed. Using our service, you are completely invisible to the owner of the account that is being viewed.

You can specify the account you are interested in and the service will monitor changes in the user’s account and upload statistics.

This is safe for you and your Instagram account, as the service does not require authorization. To view stories anonymously, enter the name of the account in the search line and the service will show all the user’s stories for the last 24 hours available for public viewing.

You can download this application for free. To get to know it and see the first stories, to understand how it works, and watch your first private account. In Premium Subscription you can see video and location tracker. If you use Android OS, you can watch hidden likes and comments, as well as, of course, watch stories without restriction.

Content retention of Instagram stories - every user of our resource can upload publications to a personal computer, smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Do not miss the opportunity to save important information for you.


  • If I have Android OS, what features are available to me?

With Android OS, the application is fully compatible, so you are given full access to all application services that can be used by paying a premium. In the free version, you will be able to see a limited number of profiles of closed and open accounts.

  • If I download this app, do I need to register?

Registration is optional. Once you have downloaded the application, you can immediately enter a username account that you are interested in and the application will work. It guarantees your safety and anonymity.

  • How much does a subscription cost? 

A one-month subscription costs $59.99 and includes the full range of facilities provided. It is much cheaper to pay a subscription for a year that charges $14.99 per month. This is a very affordable price for such an application and the full range of capabilities it has.


Questions of anonymity on the Internet are becoming increasingly relevant. Many people do not want to demonstrate their actions, as this can be interpreted or perceived in some way. Even visiting Instagram for one reason or another may require secrecy. This can be done in several ways, both on computers and on mobile devices.

Using Instagram stories viewer, you ensure anonymity and guarantee yourself a safe view of stories and the entire account of the person you are interested in. It’s free, safe, and comfortable.

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