How To Choose A Best Outdoor Jacket That Won’t Let You Down?

How To Choose A Best Outdoor Jacket That Won’t Let You Down?

Your outdoor jacket needs to be suitable for any weather, and handle sudden temperature changes without running chills or sweat down your spine.

Simply, the jacket should offer excellent breathability and temperature control while keeping moisture away from your body.

Most models available on the market are rain and windproof. But how can you be sure they won’t make you sweat and attract bodily odors?

The answer lies in being careful about the technology and materials incorporated into the jacket. In this respect, the GAMMA Jacket is hard to rival.

In the following sections, we’ll offer tips on how to choose the best all-weather outdoor jacket.

Tips for Choosing a Great All Climate Jacket

Breathability and Waterproofing

One of the most common technologies that allow for breathability and waterproofing is Gore-Tex. But a lot of top manufacturers develop proprietary technology, aiming to outdo what’s already available. And GAMMA is no different.

GAMMA outdoor jacket is graphene-infused to provide improved breathability and waterproofing. But what is graphene?

It’s an ultra-thin layer of carbon atoms organized in a particular structure called a hexagonal lattice. The great thing about graphene is that it’s currently the thinnest material on the planet. However, it has incredible strength.

Due to that, and the unique structure, the material is impenetrable to the elements but offers great breathability.


All climate jackets often rely on layers of insulation to provide good thermoregulation. The insulation itself can be synthetic or down. Down is superior to synthetic insulation because it’s resilient and compressible with the ability to retain heat in cold weather.

That being said, down doesn’t perform well when wet. The natural oils in down offer specific water resistance, but under extreme weather conditions, it might not be enough.

But what about GAMMA?

Since the jacket is graphene-infused, it offers excellent insulation. Again, the secret is in graphene’s great strength and characteristic structure. The material insulates you from cold during a winter mountain hike, and cools you down during the summer.

However, GAMMA has another layer of cold protection.

Unlike most other outdoor jackets, the GAMMA has built-in heaters. These are quickly turned off or on via a button located on the inner left lining. The heaters can be powered with a power bank, and the inner pocket has a USB A cable to hook it all up.


It’s critical for an all-climate jacket to offer great adjustability so you can quickly adapt to the changing weather conditions.

The common adjustments include Velcro cuff straps to tighten the sleeve ends around your wrists. Additionally, it’s best if the jacket has adjustable straps to loosen or tighten the waist. The GAMMA jacket features both options, plus it has an adjustable hood.

The hood itself is pretty large, with the ability to cover most of your face when the adjustment straps are tightened. Also, the jacket has a very high collar which helps prevent wind from coming in, even if you don’t put on the hoody.

Lastly, this isn’t an adjustment, but the build-in sleeve hand protectors (gloves for men) give you an extra layer of wind and cold protection.


Whichever outdoor jacket you choose, it needs to resist all kinds of wear and tear. At the same time, the jacket should be soft and comfortable without being too heavy, so it becomes uncomfortable to wear.

Now, finding the jacket that offers all that may seem impossible, but it’s not.

As mentioned, the GAMMA jacket is graphene-infused, which gives it incredible strength and durability. Some studies show that the material is much stronger than steel, and it has impressive mechanical properties.

Practically, this means it’s very hard to damage the GAMMA jacket no matter where you take it or how tough the outdoor environment becomes. And because of the hexagonal lattice, this graphene-infused jacket is hard to pierce.

Simply, a branch or a rock won’t easily cut into the fabric and potentially come in contact with your body. More importantly, the material also makes the jacket impervious to insect bites.


Ideally, the outdoor jacket you choose will need little to no maintenance, and you’ll only have to wash it once in a while. Better yet, the jacket will repel dirt, dust, and moisture to minimize the chance of staining.

To achieve that, outdoor apparel manufacturers rely on materials and technologies that are impenetrable.

Since it’s graphene-infused, the GAMMA is indeed impenetrable to ordinary dirt, mud, and most other contaminants.

As for washing this jacket, you’ll only need to do it every now and again. And it’s perfectly fine to throw it into the washing machine and not worry about anything happening to the material.

Graphene can take any wash cycle without losing any of its properties.

Bonus Tip - Storage

Storage might not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering the desirable characteristics of an outdoor jacket. However, the extra storage will come in handy when you’re on a hike and may need to easily access your essentials.

GAMMA features a 10-pocket system that includes an arm pocket and a hidden sleeve pocket. With that system, you’ll easily keep all the essentials in the pockets instead of your tote bag, for example.

On top of that, the pockets have heavy-duty zippers which are waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about the integrity of your stuff.

Find the Best Jacket for You

When all is said and done, a few aspects are critical if you want to choose a great outdoor jacket. For one, it needs to be water and windproof but breathable to give you the comfort to embark on a long hike.

Additionally, the jacket needs to resist the elements, be it cold or hot. And your goal is to find the model that cools you in the summer and warms you in the winter. Plus, it really helps if the jacket is adjustable and easy to maintain.

So, now it’s only a matter of choosing the model and make that checks all the right boxes.

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