Christmas Inspiration & Home Décor Ideas For Holiday Season 2020

Christmas Inspiration & Home Décor Ideas For Holiday Season 2020

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December is a fun-filled month for me. I am sure that it is the happiest time of the year for a lot of people. Christmas combined with New Year and holidays bring a lot of celebrations, love, and joy. Every year, I love to decorate my home with Christmas inspired ideas.

Although Christmas decorations are a lot of fun, they require a lot of research too. This time, I did extensive research that will help me in my 2020 Christmas décor. Candles, LED light, wall décor, birch trees, tree baubles, and the list goes on.

Do you love to decorate your home for Christmas too? If yes, then sit down with a cup of tea and have a look at some amazing ideas for this Christmas:

1. Vinyl Wall Stickers

You have made an amazing Christmas tree, lit beautiful candles, and set the hangings. Still, the walls are looking empty. Try using some amazing vinyl wall stickers to make your walls stand out. Available in various colors, these stickers are the best option for your boring walls. The best part about the stickers is that they are removable. So, you can always change the look of your home.

You can use a plain one or the one with beautiful pictures. Since Christmas is around the corner, use a Christmas themed sticker. Stick a "Merry Christmas" sticker at your Santa station or put a ringing bell at your main door. Give your décor an exciting look with these easily available wall decals.

2. Christmas Stockings

Though I normally make my stockings at home, this time, I ordered them online. You can get colorful stockings to match your décor. A perfect combination of red and white is easily available. Order these ready to use stockings and hang them on your walls. You can also hang them on the staircase or buy separate stocking holders. If you are short of budget, buy some empty stockings and fill them up as per your choice.

3. Smart Phone Lights for Christmas tree

The most jaw-dropping idea that I got this year is the use of customized lights. These lights are controlled by a smartphone. Synchronize those lights with an app and easily position each bulb. You can use the lights for any object. Using them on a Christmas tree is the best idea. Draw some creative animations and inspire your guests this time.

4. Glass Angel Ornaments

I always prepare a small section in glass décor. This time I have planned to use angel ornaments for my corner. These small angel ornaments are perfect for adding an extra appeal to your décor. Though they look great in white glass, you can also use a colored version. A separate corner in glass décor along with the main theme of red looks awesome.

5. Christmas Domes

Buy a set of domes and give a creative touch to your home. Domes are available in various colors and sizes. Last time, I used golden-colored domes and decorated them with small colorful, glittery balls. I am going to use ornaments this time as they look great when displayed in a doom.

My friend decorated her domes with small Christmas trees and used fairy lights. However, it's better to have a big dome if you want to display a tree. Put a set of three domes in different sizes or have multiple dooms in one size and line them up with ornaments. You can also put just fairy lights in the domes and put them in a stand or at a corner.

6. Reindeer Candle Holders

When it comes to a Christmas décor, candles are mandatory. I never like putting candles without a good holder. In my research, I found some reindeer candle stands made out of metal. They are perfect for making your Christmas table stand out. Put a Christmas cake along with some candles and decorate the rest of the space with some candles. Simple and beautiful!

7. LED Flameless Candles

If you have kids coming over on Christmas, avoid using real candles. Flameless candles are easily available everywhere. They look real besides keeping you safe from the dangers. You can buy these candles in various shapes. Buy a traditional candle style or go for a styled ornament candle; both will add a special touch to your home.

8. Christmas Themed Pillows and Carpet

You can also buy a Christmas-themed rug. The center rug placed on a walkway is great to inspire your guests. You can also put a red-colored rug under your main Christmas tree décor. If you are worried about carpet cleaning at Christmas time, I have a tip for that too! I have found that placing a foot mat at the entrance reduces dirt and debris considerably.

Cushions and pillows with a picture of Santa Claus and small quotes play a great role in completing your overall decoration. Decorating an entire house requires a lot of effort and time. A smart way to decorate your home is to select one corner and put all your décor items in it. For the rest of the house, instead of putting decorative, put Christmas-themed stuff like pillows, bedsheets, cushions, curtains, etc.

9. Hanging Santas

Candles, doom, and ornaments look great. However, you also need something for your door. Giving a warm welcome with a themed door is enough to impress the guests. For this, you can buy some hanging Santas. Buy the ceramic or soft fabric ones, whatever suits you. Put a merry Christmas tag at the center of the door and decorate the top with the Santa hangings. Now your door is all set for the main day.

10. Lighted Small Gift Boxes

I always enjoy decorating the path to our Christmas tree. This year, I will be using small gift boxes in a golden color that are lit from inside. LED light is used in these boxes to add a magical look. Buy some readymade boxes or make them at home. Tie a ribbon knot on top, and they are good to go.

Wrapping It Up – Pun Intended!

In short, all of us love to have a fantastic Christmas décor at home. Stack up the ideas before you run out of time. Use domes, ornaments, ringing bells, door hangings, fairy lights, LED candles, and gift boxes for creating your desired look.

Happy Holidays!

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