How To Choose The Right Christmas Lights For Your Home?

How To Choose The Right Christmas Lights For Your Home?


As a fun and festive part of the holiday season, decorating with colored lights is a great way to decorate inside and outside the home.  Dealing with the same old incandescent bulbs for decades makes it difficult to develop a unique show.  There are many bulb types, colors, sizes, shapes, and flashing patterns to choose from when it comes to string lights (also known as Christmas lights).  Choosing the right things for your taste and environment may be stimulating when there is so much light out there.

For the Best Christmas Lights, Here's What to Look for

Consider if you'll be using your Christmas lights indoors alone or whether you'll be using them both indoors and out. Then, think about your preferences for bulb kind, shape, and color, spacing, and any other bells and whistles.

Indoors vs. Outside: A Comparison

It is possible to set light strings within just Christmas light decorations indoor/ Christmas light decorations outdoor. 

Always examine the product's package or online description for safety reasons before purchasing.  It usually is safe to bring outside light inside the house. However, it is not safe to bring in outside morning.  Indoor-only lights should never be used outside since moisture and weather exposure might cause them to short out, posing a fire hazard. 

These lights are the most adaptable for people who like to change up their holiday décor each year or don't want to deal with the hassle of separating different types of decorations.

LED vs. Incandescent: Which one is better?

It's still possible to get hold of old-fashioned incandescent lights for Christmas.  On the other hand, LED lights have overtaken them in favor of various reasons.

Incandescent lights

Retro-looking incandescent lights are ideal for creating a cozy atmosphere.  Compared to LEDs, they are less expensive initially. Still, their higher power consumption means more costly in the long run.  Fragile glass is used to make incandescent lights.  Interested children's fingertips might get burned if they touch them when they're hot.

LED lights

Although LED lights are a bit more expensive than their incandescent counterparts, they utilize less energy and are less costly to operate.  To put it another way, LED lights to use around 10% of the power of a comparable-sized incandescent bulb while lasting two to three times as long. 

In comparison to incandescent bulbs, they have a more flashy glow.  The plastic shells are also less prone to breaking or flaking off their coloration, which is an additional benefit.  No issue how long they sit on the counter and not become hot.

Color, Size, And Shape Of A Light Bulb.

Many bulbs are available, including teardrops and globes, which are the most popular.  Although icicles and snowflakes are traditional holiday decorations, rope lights, which contain the light inside a flexible tube, are more contemporary.  Shapes come in many shapes and sizes, so feel free to mix and match them anywhere you like. Torch and globe lights come in a variety of sizes, the most popular of which are as follows:

  • The most common size for mini lights is now 58 inches. 
  • They look lovely on the tree, but they also work nicely as subtle decorative accents inside and outside the home.
  • Indoor trees can benefit from C6 bulbs, which resemble strawberries and are 118 inches in length.
  • In comparison to C6 bulbs, C7 bulbs have a more rounded shape and longer filaments. 
  • A valuable length for large trees, stair railings, and other outdoor places is the 112-inch length.
  • There are two and a half to three-inch-long teardrop-shaped C9 bulbs. 
  • When used for outdoor exhibitions, they have a significant effect.
  • There are 112 inch G12 bulbs, which are round in appearance. 
  • The outside of raspberry is typically engraved with a pattern resembling that. 
  • Because of their adaptability, you may put them on exhibit indoors and outside.

The Best Ways to Pick Christmas Lights for Your House

Being a top Kansas City lighting company, it's always a treat to cruise about town at Christmastime and take in the festive ambiance.  It's still a pleasant custom for the whole family to explore ideas for your home's Christmas light outdoor show for the following year.  Because of their efficiency, low power consumption, and stunning appearance, LED Christmas lights are becoming increasingly popular as an option for outside decorating.  You may use these five pointers from a reputable Kansas City lighting business while shopping for holiday lights!

What Color Should You Wear?

Everybody can have a good time picking out the colors for their tree! 

The primary colors of red and green look excellent on certain houses, while white works best on others.  This holiday season, bring your family together to pick your new Kansas City Christmas lights!

  • Lights that are all the same color

Single-colored Christmas light garden displays are just as stunning and trendy as multi-colored ones, although they are less common. 

Instead of a rainbow of colors this year, why not go with just one shade of blue?

  • The Color of the Strand Wire is Important

Your Christmas lights display in Kanas City will be a massive success if you use the right color strand wiring.  White wire strands may be perfect for interior lighting displays, but they are not suitable for outdoor lighting. The reputation we've built as a source of stunning lighting solutions has allowed us to turn our customers' homes into works of beauty. 


In the landscape lighting industry, this is a game-changer for us.  Get started with a free consultation and demo from our experts.  They, like our customers, are enamored with our work, and we know you will be, too! To learn more please visit our website.

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