Cloudten Review: Bed. Heaven.

Cloudten Review: Bed. Heaven.

About cloudten

cloudten sheets are out-of-this-world comfortable, non-toxic, responsibly-crafted cotton sheets created for today’s true bed-lover.

cloudten designs the first set of sheets truly built for those of us that see our beds as the gateway to a higher place. A comfier place, filled with blissful dreams, peaceful sleep, and more than the occasional contented sigh.


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Things you would love at cloudten

cloudten creates all of their bedding with a true passion for healthy, absurdly comfortable sleep. Their sustainably-made, world-class Egyptian Cotton sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers are authentically the best money can by, at fair prices you can actually buy.

clouldten works hard with the most original creatives of our generation to take the bed as an artistic setting, and create beautiful content usually reserved for clothing labels and luxury brands.

cloudten customer reviews

What I like best about Amora Sateen is the cool touch of the fabric. It feels just like mint candy, refreshing and chill. Happily ordering again

If you love yourself, do yourself a favor and order this set. Thank me later

This is my second set of Amora Sateen bedding and I plan on enjoying it as much as I enjoyed the first one.

It’s clear to me that a lot of thought has been put into making these sheets look AND feel good. I fell into a trap of buying nice looking sheets which didn’t feel comfy at all a couple of times before. This time, I got everything right, perfect combo. Highly recommend!

I love how good these sheets feel! Would order again & again

The sheets have a great feel on the hand but are not as soft as I hoped for. I also found these to be hot! I wouldn’t say they are worth the money, but would say they are a solid sheet if you aren’t expecting an elevated experience!

This is the best gift you can give yourself. I know it was the best thing I treated myself with. So incredibly smooth and comfortable, unlike any other sheets I tried. Highly recommend Amora

I LOVE MY NEW SHEETS! The color looks lovely, and the sheets wash well and dry quickly. I got my money’s worth and I’d order again.

Soft, breathable and wash well without wrinkling too much

While they’re very soft, just like advertised, they don’t stay cool and don’t exactly help if you’re a hot sleeper. If you’re ordering them primarily with the expectation of reducing night sweating, I suggest you explore other options too.



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