8 Common Botox Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

8 Common Botox Mistakes And How To Avoid Them


Botox helps reduce wrinkles, treat chronic migraines, reduce excessive sweating, and treat neck spasms. Thanks to these benefits, Botox has become one of the most in-demand procedures. But you’ll only get these results if you receive your injection from a professional.

Unfortunately, many people are still committing some Botox mistakes before and after the treatment. Any wrong move can interfere with the results. Even if you try to find Botox practitioners who can do a perfect job, committing the following mistakes will still make the costly treatment backfire on you.

1. Taking Alcohol Before and After Treatment

Taking alcohol a few hours before treatment or hours after the injection is a grave Botox mistake. It’s important to stay sober at least 24 hours between these periods.

Alcohol is a vasodilator that stimulates the expansion and relaxation of blood vessels. This means there will be increased blood flow on the surface of the skin. The puncture sites such as the injected areas will then bleed and bruise.

This also causes the inactivity of the blood platelets that stop bleeding. This exposes you to even more bruising and bleeding after the treatment.

2. High Dosage Botox Mistakes

The recommended Botox dosage is 20-40 units for the glabella region, 15-30 for the forehead, and 12-30 for cow’s feet. However, this dosage still varies from client to client. 

Using 50% less than the recommended dosage produces natural results, and the patient gets minimal Botox side effects. However, this approach will only last 3-4 months approximately. You need to go back for a follow-up treatment where the practitioner will adjust the treatment.

If necessary, you’ll receive an additional dose of the injection. In all these, the doctor should be very careful not to exceed the dosage as a high dose can result in loss of expressions.

3. Treating Only the Problematic Area

Some patients only want a specific area treated without affecting the adjacent regions. While some doctors will agree to this to get your money, you must know that this is another Botox mistake. A reputable practitioner will not expose you to something like this.

This treatment only changes the facial expression, but the treated area will stay in place. You won’t get the natural results but instead show everyone that you just had Botox treatment. 

4. Lower Face Injection Botox Mistakes

Most injectors use Botox in the lower face, but most of the time, they don’t do it well. When a mistake occurs in the lower face injection, you may end up with a lop-sided smile. This occurs because the muscles controlling the shape of the mouth got an incorrect injection.

Your smile may appear one-sided either on the upper or lower side. The defect is most noticeable when your face moves.

5. Going to a Spar Immediately After Botox Treatment

Wow, you can’t wait to get your beautiful face a special massage after a Botox treatment. But you need to wait for at least four hours. A massage treatment can put a lot of pressure on the treated area and redistribute the medicine to unwanted places.

So, if you want to get effective results after your Botox treatment, avoid saunas, steam rooms, or Jacuzzis. You should avoid excess heat all together after a Botox treatment. Heat increases your blood flow and can distribute Botox to the wrong areas.

Avoiding heat also includes staying away from excess sun exposure. The sunlight can cause skin pigmentation in the treated areas. However, cold temperatures will not affect your Botox treatment.

6. Not Injecting Wrinkles Caused By Botox Treatment

It’s no doubt that many people go for Botox treatment because they’re bothered by the aging signs. But does Botox prevent wrinkles? Well, it’s true Botox treatment provides solutions to wrinkles, but it can also cause wrinkles if done incorrectly.

Botox treatment gives you unnatural wrinkles. This is because botulinum toxin relaxes certain areas causing the adjacent muscles to compensate inactivity of the treated muscles. 

While this causes a beautiful lifting effect, it can cause wrinkles as well. Luckily, this can be treated through another Botox injection in the affected areas.

7. Failing to Combine Botox With Other Aesthetic Procedures

While Botox can be effective on its own, it works incredibly when combined with other aesthetic treatments. Botox reduces wrinkles and unwanted expression lines. But there are some things that it won’t reduce, and mixing with other cosmetic treatments gives excellent outcome.

For instance, people tend to lose facial volume with age. Botox will not handle such a problem; hence you need other procedures such as dermal fillers. Botox and dermal fillers give incredible results when used together.

8. Not Working With a Qualified Practitioner

You can get Botox treatment from a spa, a practitioner’s office, or a clinic. No matter where you choose to get the treatment, you need to ensure the injector is qualified.

A qualified practitioner understands the makeup of the facial muscles between the bow and the forehead. They know the functions of every muscle within these areas and will treat them appropriately. A qualified practitioner is unlikely to commit some silly Botox mistakes as they’re experienced.

Working with a qualified provider gives you peace of mind knowing that you’ll get effective treatment. Make sure you’re working with a well-trained and certified professional to avoid complications.

Make Botox Treatment Work for You

Botox is an effective and safe cosmetic procedure when done correctly. Your practitioner plays a huge role in ensuring the procedure comes out perfectly. You also need to play your part before and after the treatment to avoid Botox mistakes that can interfere with the results.

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