KeySmart Compact Key Holders

With the KeySmart, you will save more space in your pocket and prevent your keys from jingling as well. The KeySmart is made in the United States helps you hold your existing keys plus cool accessories like a folding knife, USB drive, or a screwdriver.

It’s also beneficial as it never puts holes in your pants. The most interesting point is that if you purchase the expansion packs, you can hold up to one-hundred of your keys but without any mess. Besides, purchasing compact key holders from KeySamrt, you will be provided ninety-day warranty.

Power Key Compact Key Holders

This compact key holder is focused on capacity and construction. It is constructed from aluminum alloy and extra strong screws. You are allowed to hold twenty-two keys in one compact holder. The universal design can hold any size key and key fobs as well. The slim package and lack of bulge make it easy to use daily. You may get a 100% satisfaction guarantee and feel free to replacement or return thanks to no hassle return and refund poilicy.

Mountec Compact Smart Key Holders

This smart key holder brings goods that are made from aviation grade aluminum with various color options. With its expansion, you can carry twenty-four keys including key fobs and larger keys. Besides keys, you are able to take other useful tools such as mini pry bars, screwdriver keys, screwdriver keys, and other tiny tools with you at anywhere you are.

Thorkey Compact Smart Key Holders

This black and stylish key holder is made of durable and strong aluminum. It can hold up to ten keys and/or tools. The keys are kept tightly so it is hard for them to jangle.Thorkey provides their customers a one-hundred percent risk free purchase which helps make purchasing the Thorkey more perfect.

Mylod Compact Key Holder

This key holder is the key to getting rid of a pocket bulge and the key jangling. Both the non-corrosive aluminum and the screws are very sturdy, therefore, it is hard to be broken. With its capacity of keeping 8 keys and a key fob and its good looking appearance, lots of people prefer it as a good gift idea such as Christmas gift or birthday presents. You may be satisfied with their 30-day money back guarantee if purchasing Mylod compact key holders.

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