Cost For Knee Surgery

Cost For Knee Surgery

Surgical treatment requires high precision and great experience of healthcare professionals, because any mistake can cause serious complications. That is why many patients choose foreign hospitals for undergoing surgery. Leading hospitals have a higher percentage of surgeries without complications. This is achieved with the help of up-to-date equipment and experienced surgeons.

The cost for knee surgery depends on many factors, such as the level of the medical facility, the severity of the disease as well as the treatment method. Because of the high success rate of the surgery, numerous patients prefer to undergo treatment in foreign hospitals.

Modern surgical methods

By using more innovative treatment methods, hospitals abroad can successfully perform knee replacement surgery with minimal risk of complications. The majority of such procedures today are performed in Germany. Here you can find a huge selection of modern hospitals for knee replacement.

One of the innovative and developing methods is robotic surgery. With its help, it is possible to perform a total knee replacement with greater surgical precision as well as to eliminate the possibility of human error. Although this method has not been included in the world's standards of care yet, many physicians note its advantages over conventional surgeries.

Surgical options abroad

During knee replacement surgery, the surgeon removes the damaged joint and replaces it with a prosthesis that is made individually for each patient. This procedure is usually most in demand among patients over the age of 55.

The main indication for replacement surgery is the advanced stages of arthritis, which cause discomfort when walking and severe pain. With its help, it is possible to improve the patient's quality of life significantly, eliminating the symptoms of the disease.

Nearly 100% of patients have no complications after surgery in foreign hospitals. Total knee replacement surgery is performed under anesthesia, so it is completely painless for the patient. Endoprosthesis of a knee joint is quite fast and takes about an hour. After the procedure, each patient has a course of physiotherapeutic procedures to speed up recovery.

The best places to undergo knee surgery

The development of medicine abroad has allowed the creation of numerous modern hospitals. Today it is difficult to choose a particular hospital for treatment by oneself, so a list of the best hospitals was made based on the success rates, availability of up-to-date treatments, as well as the presence of high-qualified doctors:

  • Hospital Neuwerk Moenchengladbach

  • Catholic Clinic Koblenz-Montabaur

  • Academic Hospital Brothers of Mercy Munich

  • Orthopedic Center Munich East

  • Academic Municipal Hospital Karlsruhe

Here you can find the most advanced technology for treatment and rehabilitation. The cost of a knee operation will differ according to the technique and the level of the hospital. On average, the knee replacement costs are around €20,000.

Knee replacement surgery during the lockdown

Today, many patients are unable to receive treatment at the best hospitals abroad because of the global lockdown. To receive treatment abroad during a COVID-19 pandemic, you can contact the medical tourism operator Booking Health. During the lockdown, this is your only option of receiving treatment abroad.

The company's specialists will assist with preparation of the necessary documents. Be sure that treatment abroad with Booking Health is available to you at any time, even during a pandemic.

How to save money on treatment abroad

Because of the absence of modern equipment, many patients are being forced to undergo treatment abroad. Most people think that treatment abroad is always very expensive, but this is not true. To save money on treatment at the best hospitals in the world, you can contact the medical tourism operator Booking Health.

Thanks to the direct contracts with foreign hospitals, the cost for knee surgery with Booking Health will be up to 50% lower than if you organize it by yourself. Besides, the company's specialists will help you with arranging your treatment abroad. Thus, you will save not only your time, but also your money.

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