Cosy House Collection Premium Bamboo Bed Sheets Review

Cosy House Collection Premium Bamboo Bed Sheets Review

Cosy House Collection is a great brand offering quality goods for your home. From rugs, pillows, duvet covers to bed sheets, all of those products are produced to serve your perfectly comfortable life. In which the Premium Bamboo Bed Sheets has long been one of the best sellers of the brand. So let’s take a look at this review to have an understanding of the reasons why the sheets receive that much attention of people.

Great features of the Premium Bamboo Bed Sheets

As with all rayon bamboo sheets, they are unable to retain any of the benefits that the original bamboo plant had. This is because the way to make rayon or viscose uses harsh and toxic chemicals to regenerate and bleach the bamboo fibres. The use of these toxic chemicals also ends up stripping away any beneficial properties the bamboo once had. What is more, the fact that the Cosy House Collection Premium Bamboo Sheets are a blend with microfiber, means that they have even less hypoallergenic properties than it may have had.

That being said, these sheets are no without their specific features. The fact that they are a blend, does make them harder to wrinkle. This means that there is less ironing to do to make your bed sheets look presentable. In addition, the level of care that these sheets require is very minimal. You can put these sheets in a normal wash, and they are dryer friendly. This means that you can throw these in the dryer and the sheets will come out fine.

How does it feel when using the Premium Bamboo Bed Sheets

The Cosy House Collection Premium Bamboo Sheets are a blend of 60 per cent rayon bamboo and 40 per cent microfiber. This makes them very soft and even more durable. It also makes them wrinkle free, which minimizes the care required for them.

In terms of keeping them clean, the care level is lowered even more. These sheets are machine washable and dryer friendly, so there is no need to spend the time to hand wash or air dry them. This is different than some of the other variations of bamboo fabric.

The sizing of the queen mattress bed sheets is rather generous. This is to be sure that they can fit any style of mattress. The maximum depth is also 16 inches deep, which is nice.

The price of the Cosy House Collection Premium Bamboo Sheets is absolutely crazy. It is probably some of the cheapest I have ever seen. However, if you look on their website, you can see that the current price is actually a sale price from their original price that was $169.95. However, all of their sheet sets seem to be on sale, so it is unsure if it is really a sale on the sheets or they are just marketing them that way to get more sales.

General conclusion

These are what you would love with the Premium Bamboo Bed Sheets from Cosy House Collection:

Let’s read through this feedback from customers and head over the Cosy House Collection website to see more amazing products!

I bought the set of King Bamboo sheets, at Home Goods, it was the only set, I am looking often to get another set, it is so soft, and nice to sleep on, I will change all I have to Bamboo, hard to believe it’s made from bamboo, I LOVE IT, AND WILL BUY MORE.

I’m extremely picky when it comes to sheets. I have ordered from the “best” I have paid ridiculous amounts only to be let down. These sheets are light and breathable, yet warm. Like being embraced by a cloud. Order 2 or more. You will not be let down. The price is unbelievable!

Love these bamboo sheets. We sleep so much better with these. They stay on better and don’t wrinkle. I will be buying more. Love the colors.

I have owned other bamboos sheets and paid quite a bit more for them but these Cosy House sheets are better by far. I admit I ordered them with a “wait and see” attitude; boy was I wrong. They are so comfortable,light weight,smooth and attractive. I plan to order more.

I love my new sheets. I have a cal king size bed. It’s hard to find sheets that stay in place. These are perfect! Pretty colour n very comfortable! 5 stars.


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