Quality Products For Protecting Your Home - Covers & All Review

Quality Products For Protecting Your Home - Covers & All Review

With outdoor living becoming more and more luxurious and increasingly fashionable furniture the norm, porches and patios have begun to resemble our indoor spaces. Of course, the comforting walls of home provide security from the elements, while the same cannot be said for what is outside them. Covers & All recognizes that your outdoor furniture and equipment should be treated with care equitable to that of your indoor pieces. This review is an overview of how Covers & All has gone about making that a reality.

About Covers & All

In 2016, the world of outdoor living spaces was becoming more and more sophisticated with increasingly fashionable furniture becoming the norm. However, when it came time to covers that would protect these valuables, all that was available were one-size-fits-all products of poor quality. With the amount of premium outdoor furniture on the market, they knew there was a need for sophisticated, tailor-made covers to match them.

Covers & All was born from a mission to provide the highest quality, tailor-made covers whose fit is refined and style fundamental to your outdoor living space’s design year-round. To do so they started with only cutting-edge technologies and advanced-tech fabrics that are 100% waterproof as well as UV, tear, and abrasion resistant. And their double-stitched seams? Those are still hand-sewn on individual sewing machines. For personalized options, their eco-solvent, UV resistant ink provides bleed-proof, HD imaging in full color and adds that special touch to any cover or tarp.

Major Covers & All Categories

The Covers & All product line has reached over 700 products, with expected growth to continue on a monthly basis. Their team is always seeking to add new products that lead to increased convenience for their customers. Here are just a couple of Cover & All’s bestselling offerings.

Custom Covers

Covers & All’s custom covers have taken their durable, specially engineered long-lasting fabric and created a made-to-measure option to fit any size or shape. With protection against weather, water, dust, and debris, these covers are tailored and stitched with materials that significantly outperform the cheap vinyl covers on the market. There are multiple fabric options depending on the type of product you need, the exposure of your valuables, and the climate you live in. All their fabrics are durable; however, their Cover Tuff material is their most popular - and most durable - and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Once a customer lands on the product page, they will have the option to customize by size and shape while having a selection of colors to pick from based on the type of fabric they choose.

Your covers can also be fully personalized with UV resistant printing. Choose to add text or a graphic to your custom cover. Include anything from your name, monogram, family crest, favorite team - anything you prefer to make your cover truly yours.

The dimensions of your required cover can easily be measured with the help of Covers & All’s online measurement tool, which guarantees the perfect fit every time.

For outdoor areas with heavy winds, custom covers also have the option of how you would like to tie down your cover. The options include a drawstring, elastic, push clips, grommets, or elastic with a push clip, and a split zipper; there is versatility in the aesthetic and practicality of this added security measure. For those who feel comfortable with the cover alone, there is also an option to opt out of a tie down.

Custom Tarps

Covers & All custom tarps have proven to serve well for outdoor living and beyond. In fact, the company has greatly expanded this category to cater to the needs of all clients. All tarps are made of extremely durable materials, including 760 & 1000 Denier, HDPE woven laminated. They are also waterproof as well as UV and tear resistant.

While these heavy duty tarps generally have customizable features for size and color, the real personalization comes in the large number of product options available. There are clear vinyl tarps and tarps with clear vinyl strips for when being able to view your property is a necessity. Custom mesh tarps are also available, necessary for products that require ventilation or to allow wind to pass through on products such as fence screens. Covers & All has custom made tarps ideal for scenarios such as:

  • Truck beds
  • Mesh fence privacy screens
  • Baseball on-deck and pitching mound covers
  • Tennis courts
  • Strip door curtain
  • Room dividers

All of these can be further customized to create optimal protection. Depending on your need, your tarp can be highly abrasion and mildew resistant as well. Insulated tarps are also available for temperature-sensitive jobs.

While providing protection, tarps must also look good. You can enhance the look by choosing a hue that goes well with the color of your furniture, home, or vehicle. Just like covers, you can add personalized text, graphics, logos - anything you can print, you can add it.

Customer Reviews

Covers & All has a 4.72 Overall Satisfaction Ranking based on over 27,000 customers. Here are just a couple satisfied customers:

“I found this business online and was skeptical. I typically only order from the larger box stores i.e. Walmart (Walmart is known for having bad service but I know I can walk in and return something if I need to). I ordered two covers to see how I liked the products. The cushions that I have are a custom size. I was surprised when the covers arrived of their quality and I very much love the overall appearance of the covers. I will definitely be returning and purchasing more products from this business in the future.” - Faith R.

“This is my second order? The outdoor cushion covers are better than expected. Wonderful quality and fit.” - John B.

Covers & All displays all of their reviews on their website.


For questions about Covers & All, feel free to contact their 24/7 Customer Service:

Phone: (800) 260-2829

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Covers & All is always adding new products to make your life easier, more comfortable, and more refined. Up to the present they have shipped more than 1,300,000 custom covers and tarps and boast 800+ employees as part of our team. In the process, they have continually looked for those difficult marketplace questions that provide unique opportunities. As far as we’re concerned, their story has only just begun.

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