New And Creative Content Ideas For Instagram

New And Creative Content Ideas For Instagram

Out of idea for your Instagram content? Not sure what to share with your audience today? We’ve all been there!

There’s no denying that Instagram is a platform full of competition. There are so many people out there working hard and producing great content. That is why you need to put in efforts to stand out. Posting a picture or video is never enough. Give unique content to people that they won’t find elsewhere. Posting high-quality content that fits your brand style will allow you to maximize your growth and build influence.

But some days, our creative minds run out of ideas. Sometimes, with our hectic schedules, there’s no time left to figure out what to post today. Don’t worry! We’ve got your back.

Some of you might already have enough ideas, but there’s always room for something new. Try out these new content ideas to refresh your approach.

Content ideas for Instagram

Here’s a list of some Instagram content ideas that might work for you.

1.Tutorials or how-to content

Provide your viewers with valuable and engaging content. Upload quick tips, guides, tutorials, and how-to content to encourage engagement on your posts. This kind of content is very prevalent in social media. Users find it helpful. I have personally gained many Instagram followers by teaching them that how to buy Instagram Followers UK.

For example, you can post recipes for your viewers if your niche is related to food.

2. User-generated content

UGC is an easy way to get new content. You can create a creative hashtag for your brand and ask your audience to use it in their posts and stories. Whenever users post something using that hashtag, you can repost it. Do the same when someone tags you in their post using your product. This makes your followers feel appreciated and important.

3. Teasers

Teasers are really fun. It is a sneak peek or a short clip of your final content. When you post teasers about your newly launched product or your upcoming content, it will excite your audience. They will be very interested and wait impatiently for the final reveal.

4. About product

Another Instagram content idea includes posting about your product. It can be anything! Benefits of your product, a guide on how to use it, or positive reviews. Associate it with your brand values. You can even post fun and creative video of your product to grab the attention of your viewers.

5. Inspirational or motivational

It is always good to inspire someone through your acts. That act may also include posting inspirational or motivational quotes on your Instagram. You can even share your story with your followers. Tell them about your struggles and how you dealt with it. Show them that all the hard work pays off one day.

6. Collaboration

Have you ever collaborated with an influencer? If yes, then post about it. Share pictures or videos of the influencer using your product. It is also a compelling marketing strategy to increase sales. Indeed, influencer marketing holds a lot of power. Even if you’ve collaborated with other brands or businesses, share the content.

7. Create Images for Instagram

Are you launching a new product or announcing new discount offers? To make it look attractive, create images for Instagram. You can hire a graphic designer or create graphics by using third-party tools. Content that looks attractive and eye-catchy always gets the most attention. The very first sign of credibility of your Instagram images is the number of likes they get. In case you’re not getting enough Instagram likes even after creating high-quality images, it’s the time to invest. Find a best service provider and Buy Real Instagram Likes for your Instagram posts to social proof your brand.

8. Contests or giveaways

Reward your audience with contests and giveaways. Along with being a content idea for Instagram, it is also a great way to thank your followers for all the support you receive. Also, giveaways will help you gain followers. Use graphics or bright pictures to announce a giveaway on your feed so that it quickly drives attention.

9. Trending

Always stay up to date. Discover new trends and quickly jump on to it. Use creative ways to create content for a particular trend. Some prominent trends of 2020 include vintage filters, transition videos, etc. Trends also refer to popular challenges. For example, people were going crazy with the ten-year challenge on Instagram.

10. Holidays and Events

Sharing pictures of an event on your Instagram is always a good idea. Post pictures from your holidays like Christmas, Halloween, or your vacations. Your followers would love to see how you celebrated it.

11. Behind the scenes

Show your audience what goes behind the scenes. It helps in developing trust. Share pictures of your work-space and workers. You can share the sneak peeks or behind-the-scenes of your upcoming content, set-ups, or photoshoots.

12. Pictures of you

People want to see the face behind your brand. Sharing your pictures with your audience will help in building trust.

13. Throwbacks

Sometimes you have ideas, but you’re out of content to post. In that case, share throwbacks with appealing captions.

14. Meme

Try to be frank with your followers. People love hilarious memes. Sharing funny memes that people can relate to is an excellent content idea for Instagram.

15. Instagram stories takeover

Stories takeover allows people to see new faces, and your audience would love that. Let’s suppose you own a cosmetic brand. You can let your customers or a famous influencer takeover your stories and showcase your product to the viewers.

16. Q&A sessions

Do a Q&A session for your followers so that they can know you better. Listen to their queries and respond to their questions. You can also ask questions from your followers and let them give you suggestions.

17. Polls

Can’t choose what to wear today? Let your followers choose. Doing polls is a fun way to drive engagement. You give two options, and your viewers have to choose the one they like.

18. Live sessions

Live sessions help you interact with your followers. Once you do a session, you can save it for 24 hours. If you don’t want your followers to miss it, you can even share it on your feed.



We hope these 18 new content ideas helped you. Use these content ideas for Instagram to showcase your brand personality and to encourage engagement on your posts. Some of these ideas might not work for you. Be patient, put some of these Instagram content ideas to practice, and measure your performance to see what works for you.

Now you can’t say you’ve run out ideas. If you think we should add something to this list, please feel free to tell us in the comments.

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